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Latisha "tisham23"

The Dawn Light
For the entire night
I lay awake The sun set with you
Sleeping Next to me
My eyes lost sight
Of the features
I know so well.

Darkness hid you
So I listened
To your gentle breaths
I touched your chest
And felt your heartbeat

Keeping guard over you
I ran my fingers
Through your hair

The night air was cold
I kept you covered
As you moved in your sleep
I traced the outline of your hand
With my fingers

You were turned away from me
As you dreamed
Of far away lands
I held you
And I kissed the back of your neck

For the entire night
I was awake
Your silent sentinel
I wiped my tear
From your cheek

The Dawn light
on your face
Is a priceless memory.
All darkness
Has been washed away