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Larry "Bent Head" Pascal

My Candle-Your Light
Finally things come clear,
I'm holding on to things that are dear.
They said "I'd never get what I want".
I didn't believe in the things I was taught!
That apple pie in the sky,
I want a bite before I die.
On my own cloud in a sky of dreams,
I'm all alone at times it seems.
Babe, lay down beside me, I want to hold you tight!
My life is the candle and yours is the light!
Just tell me the things I wanted to hear,
'Cause to be without you is all I could fear.
I'll turn the pages if you can be my book.
Down lifes highways, C'mon have a look.
On this cloud together, nothing left to fear.
I'll never turn away.
You'll never shed a tear!

Larry Pascal

Patiently Waiting
In this life, time will test,
Willingness and patience, to find the friend who's best.
The heart, so small, yet a large part.
A delicate flower, a souls place to start.
My flower's been broken, my eyes reach to see,
The next path in my life, longevity.
Waiting through life, in all its confusion,
Discontent with my prisons illusion.
But remember, forward, the place to be.
My tears roll down in its simplicity.
Destiny, being, the helm of my life.
Locked, of course, through waves of strife.
When the fog clears, I believe I'll see,
The wonderfull eyes of my true friend to be!

Larry Pascal

My Prison's Illusion
Cracked my skull,TBI
Who's to blame? the fault's not mine
I survived, Is the rest my joy?
Life has prooved not to be my toy!

With arms wide open the rest of my days
Saying farwell to my drinking ways
All is welcome into my life
Don't feel my pain....Can't live it!

Pergatory is my life, trapped in my own prison
Peeking through my bars, just pissing me off
Dealing with my anger, in my seventh stage
Of coarse my life, my own illusion

Don't know why I survived
I admit that I could have died
That missing time...I confess
Was a living hell...Cognative distress!!!!!

Thank U all....I am a survivor

Larry Pascal