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It's not a poem but here-goes...

So you're driving along the freeway with your cousin from Alabama to see your Grandma in Texas, when all of a sudden this cow just appears out of nowhere about 60 yards ahead of you. You see the cow and you think of how he probably escaped from a beef procesing plant, and how someone was probably going to eat him in a few days, and how he was probably scared to death, being on a freeway and all.

Anyway, you see this cow, right in front of your lane, and your thinking of you life, and how messed up your childhood was, and how you always had stuff, but you weren't realy happy because the people around you were all optomistic and happy, and really don't have a handle on life. And how all your life all you ever wanted was to at least be associated with someone who you could have a conversation without them bringing up the sorry old football team or sports in general, or how many innocent deer they slaughred, or how ther car will do like 230 mph. in 2nd gear. And you think of how your life will never amount to anything and how you'll never liveup to anyone's expectations, because every one expects you to give a shit about who scored the game winning touchdown, and how many deer you can kill,and how fast your car can go, but you don't, so people can't understand you. People can't see how anyone could watch a Green Day video when there's a damn football game or the ! miss America pagent or some other bullshit that every body cares about on the other channel.

Anyway, back to the cow. You see the cow who just escaped from a beef slaughter house, and he's in your lane, scared as hell. You've been thinking about how messed up your life is as your driving along the freeway with your cousin from Alabama on your way to see grandga in Texas. Instead of stopping or swerving or somthing, you just keep driving, and deep down, you hope that a hoof or a horn or somthing flys through your windsheild and pins your head to the damn headreast. Then you think of your cousin.

Your cousin is ON the damn football team for Christ's sake. He in perfectly happy with his life. He makes good grades because he gives a shit about why X3%-r+103.3=Z+bA or some shit like that. He was perfectly happy with the people he was surrounded by and he could talk to his friends about hunting and cars and stuff. His parents were still together, and his whole damn life was set out in front of him.

So, you swerve.

As you pass the cow you wonder how many times you will kick yourself for continueing your miserable little life and continuing to put up with all these happy people who care about football and hunting and cars, and you wonder if the guy in the car behind you is making the same decision.