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Kristi "aheadbanger"


They never see how much my heart has bled
From the pain with in me,
I don t ever think I will forgive you
For what you did to my heart n soul,
As the dreams I once had are now gone and shattered,
Wanting to know my propose
For being here on earth,
Even though I have touched many
I still wonder why I was the one that it happened to,
I was only nine at the time
Now I m double the age,
As I m seeing the pain it has caused
Wanting to change the past and the future,
For all of it has gone wrong,
This is not what I think of as a teenager
I m robbed of childhood
Dealing with more then what an adult could
How am I to get over this and move on?
I cannot, for it is a part of me,
Will I always wonder about my real life?
That I once had but was taken of