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Keith "kingfish" Sherrard

Family and Friends
People often wonder where I find the words to write,
I tell them I look at my keyboard and it all comes out right.
I may write of a animal lost and alone,
I know it is of a friend far away from his home.

Christmas a happy time is quite sad for a few.
I hope by reading this poem it won't apply to you.
I hung the lights outside on my deck rather pretty to see,
I hope the ones passing by, think a little of me.

I am writing this poem for each and every one,
Because of this computer into my life you have come!
The names mean a lot to me but if I didn't mention you,
My day would be empty because you all have been true.

I hope your family and friends brings you peace and joy,
The thoughts of you all kneeling around a tree filled with toys.
Your home all decorated with the seasons spirt too!
Surely this Christmas will be happy one for you.

Keith Sherrard November 19, 2002

My Epitaph
The night I became famous so my friends say wow
I think I was reciting the poetry I write now.
I am glad god allowed me this moment in time,
Oh yes also the teachers that taught  me words that rhyme!

The radio made my voice so clear
I think you can feel me reading to you my dear.
I have a wife she won't let me go
That is all right I love her so!

Words that make a smile for you
Their coming from my heart so they must be true.
I won't forget my other friends so dear
I hope that when they listen I am so near.

I love to write of animals and of things we know
I hope I spark a interest as I read so.
My poetry has meaning as I write on.
The guy on the radio station said it was the start of a song.

You have made me happy and I smile you see
I am happy you have been a audience just for me !
When I die my epitaph I hope they write
He is writing for god and the angels tonight.

by Keith Sherrard    December 30, 2001

93.1 FM
I am here in this little room, a microphone in front of me,
A radio announcer on one side and another stares at me.
The glass window to the right with a man who sits and smiles.
Read your poems and we will send them across the miles.

Years ago when with a hammer my fame spread so slow,
Now funny with a computer in minutes my name will grow!
I told some stories as only poets do,
Now with their help my poems are coming to you.

I find myself laughing and they make the day so complete,
When I ended the poem their praise was so sweet.
I stumble yet they don't put me down,
Yes I repeat the poem over, nice guys to be around.

I am sure you will want to write a poem just to do the things I do,
I am hoping you will be lucky as I have been to.
You may be better but read all mine first,
Then don't write one, write a few you might have the thirst!

by Keith Sherrard December 4, 2001

Archie Bunker

Tribute to Archie Bunker (Carol O Connor)

Funny all the laughs we got as we watched his shows,
The writers knew the words and his ways made it go.
Edith the lucky girl to play by his side,
Her quaint way made me bust up inside.

Oh yes there was Mike the hippie from the past,
Arguing with Archie and making us laugh.
The series will be played for years to come,
I think I seen them all and again the re runs!

I remember his roles as the Police Chief,
Bubba stole all the hearts, his role was never brief!
I know he felt some sorrow as his son died that way,
Too many souls with drugs in life have faded away.

I write this poem for Carol O Conner may he rest in peace!
His memory is on films I am sure will never cease.
I know he is in god's hands now nor more pain will come his way,
He bought a smile to our face until his dying day!

by Keith Sherrard

The trees
This morning it was cool so to the maple bush I did go!
With my two dogs beside me, running to and fro.
I was tapping the trees for the syrup I would get,
To sweeten my taste buds with a taste I can't forget!

I heard a small voice as I gently stepped in the snow,
Mister I am growing, the top of me must show.
I survived the winter by hiding underneath this cover of white
I think it was freezing but it was so dark I thought it was night.

I am a little maple one day you will tap,
I know you won't hurt me, I promise you lots of sap!
So please be gentle as you walk by me,
I want to be a big maple, not just a memory!

I think my story has a ending like you will never guess!
When your walking in the snow you must confess,
Underneath your feet all cold but still alive,
A plant may lay dormant trying to survive.

I don't think they are all maples, so big and so strong,
The plant may be a thistle, growing where it belongs.
You may walk in the forest, oh yes have no fear,
The trees they cannot talk, that is bull manure my dear!

by Keith Sherrard March 12, 2001

In A Moment of Time
Did you ever play solitaire and never win a game?
Tell me a story and the words are not the same?
I wonder why I should be crying when no one is around?
Why all these questions when no answer can't be found?

The miracle was in the beginning all the rest is purely luck,
The madness of this story is who gives a -----.
My life is of pain and sadness and shurley you can see,
Brain injury is not a sickness, there are others like me!

I don't hide my head in sorrow for learning I will be,
The books won't teach me greatness, reading is a part of history.
My new friends are in the thousands, all in the same pain
They all know that with tomorrow, a new step they will gain.

I am sad for the ones who went on before me,
I would give it back to them you see!
My life would be so happy, if in that moment of time,
I lost that fatal moment and relived a new moment of mine.

by Kingfish (Keith Sherrard)

My Dream
I wish I could write a story, a love story or two
Perhaps a murder or a mystery, possibly one of you
My stories would all have happy endings, a smile for just them
My readers would all look for the way it would all end

My next story could be of nature just the way I have seen
Animals living happy like that in a child's dream
How gentle was the pony that they might ride
I cannot forget their dog staying by their side!

I would sign all my stories with a memo for you,
Something for you to remember, the story may not be true
Just a gentle kind of reminder "how I would like things to be"!
A story to enlighten the hero's thought for you and me.

Keith Sherrard

Life in the Forest
I sit alone in my forest, surrounded by my little toys
My computer and my pictures of me as a boy
The trophies hang on the wall over my head
I sort of feel the sadness knowing they are all dead.

The life of these animals are scenes that go through my mind
The moment that I shot them, for this was I kind
I treated them with kindness as I took their Nobel life
The food I was hunting was for my family and my wife

I love now to watch the animals as they prowl
The wolves that cross my property and the way they howl
I have ended my days of hunting and enjoy all their ways
My only hope is that next hunting season they all stay away

I would love to tell you stories of things I watch while there
The stalking of the mouse or wolf on the hare
I never get that close but by the light of the moon
I become that stalking animal watching life end too soon

Keith Sherrard

My Reuion 1999
I read some old letters from soldier friends of mine
The thought of their memory bought some tears from time
Time that was lost and of days I never had
The thoughts of probably seeing them has surely made me sad

They won't be the your boys I might of known
They are all grown soldiers with lives of their own
My life will never be a part of theirs
Really they are a part of mine if I alone share

I will never see them marching or on the rifle range
A car accident changed it all my life took a sudden change
I am not sure if I ever knew them or they were just a part
My lost life and a good one that never had a start

I am happy in my new one even though a soldier I never was
Hardships and tears I had some simply because the cause
The accident left me a new life one that was hard to understand
Life as a Brain injured person needs lots of helping hands

Keith Sherrard

Lots of Friends
I watched the leaves turn their colors as the autumn crosses the land,
I watch the animals scurry for food winter is close at hand.
I felt a tear for soon that blanket of white
Will cover the land and no darkness in the night.

Oh I know winter is a time of beauty
With Christmas close you feel it is your duty
To buy those foolish things and try to be jolly
Christmas decorations and in the room some holly

You and your lady go along holding hands
Singing carols and making all those new plans
This is but a new century and like is oh so great
People are so happy and in this new century great plans we make

I wonder if it will be a good one this new century we behold
I hope there is far less problems lot less than I am told
My new life I wonder will it all end
I hope it is just a beginning one with lots of friends

Keith Sherrard

A Computer
The crossing of time passes rather quick
Some come out winners some a dirty trick!
What about the einstiens who have brain galore,
What about the ones who can never learn anymore?

I know god has plans for each and everyone,
The ones who's brain is hurt he made computers for our fun,
I never had a chance if I had listened to them,
I would of been in trouble time and time again!

I heard a voice or was just my fiendish way?
Go buy yourself a computer and learn how to play!
I don't go near some pages for they are way to quick,
I hang around brain injured people hit with that dirty trick!

Yes there are ones out there who love to teach,
They know the brain injured person is just the one to reach.
They might help them with their problems
Answer a computer question to help them on their way.

Keith Sherrard

The Power of You
I started off this morning reading all your lines,
I guess by this evening I wll read it a thousand times!
There is something about a poem that makes it that way,
Always a pleasurable start of a brand new day.

I think that people don't understand,
The words that come from your brain now control your hand.
The hand writes the words as plain as you can see,
Now it is up to your brain to check it reguallly.

Oh to have the power to mean in every word,
The things my brain have heard!
I must be a scholar to write the things I do,
Coming from this brain I know they must be true!

I am alone in this room each and every night.
I don't seem to remember in the morning just what to write,
Just to have a magic pen to write the things my mind goes through,
You would know all my poetry was intended just for you.

Keith Sherrard

The Hunted Dear
Funny my dear I know the story your telling,
When comes hunting season we set the dogs to yelling,
They run the deer from the hills a barking all the time.
I heard a fellow hunter, listen to that tounge of mine!

There is something about this season that makes a old man feel,
There is no rhyme or reason it makes the blood vessels swell,
Oh to be the lucky one standing on the run.
To see how smart the deer is when the dogs make them run!

I believe they have a roadway shown by their piers,
They avoid trees and rocks run with no fear.
The howlling of the dogs as on their track do come,
The crashing of the bush as on their way they run.

Oh I have seen the end of many a smart deer,
Hanging in a tree for the hunters to gloat and snear!
The one who got away I pray not a painfull end,
Each fall in the season the dogs will come again!

by Keith Sherrard

The Moose and The Train
I grew up in a small little north west town,
A place in the country with animals all around!
I watched them grow from babies to adults my dear,
Watch them grow antlers and have no fear!

A moose family lived down by the tracks,
The only way into this town and back.
The train then a steam engine I am told
Bought food and mail and hunters so bold.

The train had a special place to stop,
A moosing crossing sign was placed on a building top!
The train would quietly wait there to see,
The moose cross there and not to be hurt, that was pleasing for me!

The moose now crossed further down the line,
Once in awhile took his life on the line,
Their life was ended because they never knew
When the whistle sounded a frieght was coming through.

Well time has come and gone you know,
The steam engine no longer runs you know
The sign dissapeared as the town died,
Someone forgot to tell the moose it lied

Like us with brain injuries now and then
We forget our problems and try now and again,
To cross the tracks and forget the sign,
Remember the way you are till the end of time.

by Keith Sherrard

My Window
I watch out my window as if searching for the way,
A simple little answer that helps to make my day.
The sky is dark and the stars forever shine,
They do not tell me a story nor help in this world of mine!

The life I lead is lonely but there is still someone there?
Well not to make my supper but to say they care
Sitting alone here by the window searching for the end,
Where is heavens gate ,why does the moon bend!

Every night wether lost and lonely I see a different sight,
Perhaps it is just the lights of a car wandering the roads at night?
A lost deer as it sneaks across my lawn,
The darkness hides it size, is it a mother or a fawn?

Oh I love my window as I watch out late at night,
Protected my my house that keeps me from fright!
Will this be my story as once more the daylight grows?
Will I sit here forever only God really knows!

Keith Sherrard

Have you ever trained a catfish to swim fast you see,
The next year in competition in Paris Tennesse!
He should look rather scarey from the back as he goes by,
For every fish that follows won't go past him nor even give it a try.

He must be the best for I have given him my name,
Like me he don't pay taxes Kingfish what a shame!
His name like mine will be remembered and like Luinsky,
When the race is over back to the bottom he will be.

He must be taken serious like the name I said no-doubt,
Like the baited hook on the botton, sucks it in then spits it out!
Fireman George and Doris are friends of mine,
Our Catfish is a winner and first across the finish line!

by Keith Sherrard

His Promise
In the newspaper today I became a part of history
The one who escaped death from a car and a tree
The others were not so lucky, death came rather quick!
Why was I left alone, what a dirty trick.

The angels will be happy, for I hope my friends have gone
To face eternity with others, in the place were they belong.
He promised to keep us close to him, and take away our fears
That we would live forever , in a home with no tears.

Will they be sad for them or sad for me?
The life I have to live is a sad one you see
I must learn to live my life over, a pain for ever step
I hope that God is watching and his promise he won't forget!

Keith Sherrard

Moms and Dads
Watch a pretty flower as it grows from a seed
Tenderly take care of it clear away the weeds
Water it and talk to it as you really care
You know when comes the winter the flower won't be there

Your children they are like flowers
The nine months you are waiting seem like long hours
The pain the tears as in to life you bring
This beautiful flower such a wonderful thing

The years are like the summer all in bloom the flower grows
From the bottom of his feet to his little nose
When pain ails them you try with all your heart
To cure them of their sorrows so they won't break their heart

The years have came and gone they leave the garden there
To raise their own flowers and treat them with care
To start our lives story all over again
We could all be so gentle life would never end.

Keith Sherrard keith and special friend

This Chair I Belong
Last night I became an important person,something new to me
A person with distinction and a new memory.
To each one's life some fortune must go
To know how to use it a lot will never know

Think of all the times before I used to up and leave
I never thought to stick around to see what I could see!
I must live my life over and replace the one they knew
To be someone of distinction and stay true blue

This is not of brain injury to which has held me down
A new programe just starting to help different people around
People with problems some hard to believe
The best part of this programe is that it is me they need

I started out in a blaze of glory I hope I can carry on
The two years I must sit in the chair I will be strong
I am not one to brag but in this chair I belong
I sat in their place for oh so long

Keith Sherrard

Ice Storm of 98
The evening started raining, then it turned into snow,
A couple of hours later , the wind started to blow.
No-one would believe me unless they lived so close,
Mother nature came at us that evening with a blast.

By the time it was over , lots of people would show,
Just to help the needy, just how far they would go.
Yes it snowed, then it would rain,
Before it had finished the cold came again!

Wires fell, lots of beautifull trees,
Children were cold and hungry, storm brought us too our knees!
Homes were deserted, by people who were afraid,
Shelters sprang up in towns, People knelt and prayed!

The police.firemen and the army, were there to help.
Out of the cold came the criminals, a cruel part we were delt!
Farmers were helpless trying to feed their stock
Maple trees were broken, no sap this year for the pot.

Two weeks have passed and still little end in sight,
The hydro crews are working late into the night.
The year is 1998, what a way to start,
So years to come our families will take this to heart.

by Keith Sherrard

Oh the pain through life I bought
When it was happiness I thought
My home,my children they all now see
The dad they had just wasn't he
Another person,lost and alone
His friends had left him all alone

One night the crew drove towards home
Were they singing or asleep,they weren't alone
Time passed on,when one day he woke
His loved ones,suprised he spoke
He had been asleep,a month had gone
The car accident made him feel he didn't belong

Time passed by,no one noticed the pain within
He had changed,he still walked tall and had a grin
He tried his best,but could not succeed
He heard them say he is stupid,we have no need
To teach this man who won't belong
In a world of his own,just let him go he will do no wrong

If it was not for the people,he met almost too late in his life
The pain he gave to others,his children and wife
No one would ever no,how people carried on
How they treated some people,they felt didn't belong
The doctors have learned from their mistakes
To noticed pain,and not just breaks.

A man may not just be the same
To be so certain they must check his brain
To live your life with a bruise inside
The memory the actions they all collide
A person is just not the same
To live his life with a damaged brain

by Keith Sherrard July 17, 1997

Call his name in Despair
Slowly how the day has passed along,
The unbearable heat,the sun shinning in so strong
The air conditioner it worked no more
The pain in my head,oh jesus it was sore

I like a normal human being,felt so bad
Using his name,I felt so sad
Why must we think of him,when something goes wrong
The way we use his name,it doesn't belong

How can we expect one man so dear
Steer us right,never let us fear.
Let nothing in our life go that way
We would all be healthy till our dying day

The one who hurts us,or the one we hurt
There would never be a lesson,nothing to be learn't
I was born in a war,that would never exis
If only we lived in a world like this

by Keith Sherrard

My mind wanders through the web,all day
I am hoping whenthe coment goes away
You will send me email, for me to read
I will pass the day properly,yes indeed

I had a story to tellyou,it has gone now
With a brain like mine,you no how
My memory is short, my mind is quick
For them to work together, that is the trick

Since I have got this computer, more friends I made
On the keys my fingers have played
The print ,the return,oh the address I have learned
The scams the people tell to you. just watch out you might get burned.

With this brain injury,it takes a lot
Mention free,starts the plot
A word I must of been reading, the night I got hurt
The only thing I haven't learn't

by Keith Sherrard April 4, 1997

Oh my darling I look up in the sky,wondering where you are
Would you be sitting home alone,or driving in your car
I paid the price so now you see,I am laying here sad and lonely
But even though you come to be with me,will I be your one and only

I hear people talking,as I lay in my bed
Will he be a vegtable,with nothing in his head
Oh the price I paid for all that drinking
The accident only took a second to stop my mind from thinking

The people in the other car,Jesus I wonder who they are
I no they won't forgive me,I heard a stranger say from afar
Oh I wish I could do it over,and stay at home instead
So now brain injured and lonely,maybe better off,Dead

If someone reads this poem,before they go out at night
Think of my story,think of my living fright
When I go for heaven,will he let me in
Or will he send me to see the devil,with my bottle of GIN

By Keith Sherrard July 22, 1997