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Karyn "justme" Hughes

Brain Bruise1-4
Brain bruise©2002 Karyn Hughes Briggs
I am confused
Mixed up and scared also
I am wrong always.

Brain Bruise2 ©2002 Karyn Hughes Briggs
I'm so confused
Head injuries have that effect
My legs are almost unused
Head injuries have that effect
I just need to work differently
When things seem hard

Brain bruise3 ©2002 Karyn Hughes Briggs
My head, she does hurt
Yes, indeed, she sure does hurt
Pain, she goes away

Brain Bruise4 ©2002 Karyn Hughes Briggs
I am confused
Except to be confused
You have to remember

Karyn Hughes

I am mixed up
Confused and bumfuzzled
I know not how to feel
Feel exactly how I feel
I am angry when
I am not confused
And when I am neither
Or both I am afraid
I prefer angry but
My preferences just don't count
I guess I can be angry
At fear or at
Being confused
Given the choice (not!)
I prefer anger
At least I think I do

Karyn Hughes