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Poem for Carers

Here is a poem that I wrote before when I was a Carer for my husband before I had my brain-haemorrhage.

I am your voice, I speak on your behalf
I am your legs, I walk for the things that you need
I'm also your heart, prating for help, to be able
to live a normal life.
I am your inner strength, to stop you from giving up.
I must now break down that barrier that you strongly built,
unable and scared to get out in public.
But I'm willing to give you my strength,
to help build your self-esteem,
to enjoy what nature has to offer.
Breath-taking fresh air, the fragrant smell of flowers,
watching the birds flying so freely,
and sit at the lake and look across the calm waters.
If we could make this one first step,
it shan't be long where our love will grow
stronger again, for me and for you.

Sweet Aloha, Kapulani