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K. Stoeffler

Memories lost...
should I keep searching for what I don't know?
Many questions to ask...
What happens when you can't remember
your memories...part of your life...
Where do you go for lost memories?

"Lost and found!"
Lost, but not found!
I've been frightened...
lost in my own life.

Many people can't imagine
what goes on in my shoes...
they say they understand,
unless you've been there...

I'll be glad to loan you
my "New Shoes" for a day,
try them on...do they fit?
These shoes aren't meant for comfort.

They really won't fit anyone,
you see they were made especially for me.
I am wearing my new shoes
searching for that thing that is hardest to find...

I'm making mine.
If by chance the "Lost and Found" calls me...
I'll answer...
however for now these shoes are the start
of my new memories.
© K. Stoeffler 1995

Gift of Giving
You gave me music,
where there were no songs.
You gave me smiles,
where there were no expressions.

You gave me your heart,
where there was no love.
You gave me space,
where there was only solitude.

You gave me your spirit,
where there was no life.
You gave me your soul,
where mine was almost dead.

You gave me you my dear,
where now I must begin to give you me.
© K. Stoeffler 1997