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Jonathan Wamback

A Precious Life
You have a son
You raise him well
For what lies in his future
You can never tell

Love and respect
And other basics you teach
You hope with his lessons
His dreams he will reach

You remember your childhood
Little things that went wrong
The lessons you learned
You passed them along

This young man of yours
With his eyes o so blue
Sees a world that is changing
As yours did with you

He beats you at golf
And artistically aspires
He is fifteen years old
and he never tires

He is growing up well
His future looks bright
But all of that changes
On one dreadful night

An act that was vicious
A nightmare you see
Left your young son sleeping
The offenders are free

This cowardly deed
Has caused so much pain
The three who have done this
Do show us no shame

Their futures are dismal
As shown by this act
Hearts are made of stone
And the soul that they lack

But your blue-eyed wonder
With a heart o so true
Has beaten the odds
As he will continue to do

Life is so precious
Some seem to forget
But Jonathan will teach them
And on that you can bet

Written with love
A child of mine you could be
And for all of the others
As precious as thee.

By a Dear Friend