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John S.


I have been lied to by someone.. Someone i think who is not treating you the way you should be treated. I am sad if this is so as you are a most gorgous woman, and i have found the Love of Jesus and God in my life now because of you. I hope the best for you and really feel the Love that you have for life and God too. I have been through many things which were so very rough and now i shall help others in need, others in pain, others who have not seen this love in t here life.. Thank You For Being there.. If someone is not treating you right and lying to you and both me.. God will help us both to see this and then the path shall be so much clearer. Thank you again.. For Introducing me To God.... John Southern November 22, 2005

I'm Sorry

Yesterday, I just found the love of God 
I felt him through you before when we met 
I felt him again last week when i saw you  
I felt his connection to us both , and the beauty inside  
Im sorry for what i have done, saying one thing and not acting 
I am scared, I have been hurt so badly before i met you,  I tried to run  
Me being hurt leaves no room to hurt others,  
I found this out aloud last night 
I feel the connection inside of me, It feels like i always wanted to  
I have given up on things to make me feel better temporarily 
I know that the pain will only come back again. 
I can only say that i want to call and tell you this.. 
If you forgive me as God has , i will truly be your friend 
I make friends not easily,  I am different from other men.. 
I have a strong sense of compassion, I only feel the need to help others 
I know you feel the same,  The energy when i see you is overwhelming..  
I am frozen. i  am stuck.. i just want to talk to you, its all i really ever wanted
to do  
If we can do this.. I think we will see what it is we both hide from.  
Its not me or you,  Its us both.   
We can only let God sort us out, and Take his hand to guide us. 
it has been so many months now, I need to know  
Will you accept my apology, as I have yours  
I will never sleep again until i know. 
I want you to help me be a better man, and learn more about God 
Ive never went to church, But i feel the need is now 
I Saw him in your eyes, and feel him around you  
I yearn another day, This time i think ive got it right  
November 16, 2005

The Passing of Time

With the passing of time, I learn more and feel the greater power of your very
My once closed hands are open now, releasing me from my way of being before 
Every onze of energy that i receive is turned to thoughts and emotions of what i
have became 
Turning enemies into foes and banishing the dearth inside the very arms of sin that
was drawn one time before. 
Spoken only in random  blurbs, written unto as letters that have traveled the world  
The times we had spoken were extremely short, but full of honesty and praise to
those around us 
Simple things such as your eyes meeting mine and the miracle of us finding each
other time again 
The day others in your life objected to us having even more than a few minutes to
talk, Making me grab my things and walk.  
Months have passed and 2 times have we crossed paths again,  Both in which neither
of us  has spoken not 
Its time to admit the truth that we hold and move away from those who would tell u I
am but impossible to believe in  
and the thoughts and feelings you have are just a figment of unsure reactions to 
what  you have  for so long yearned to hold within your heart.  
I have nothing else to say, as How i feel for you will never go away.  With this you
 now know there are miracles in everyday life and all the things we do. But none of
them will ever replace the miracle of God bringing me to you. 

November 09, 2005 


You are talked about alot, but never there.  A guilty pleasure,  wind passing
through your hair.  Eyes of innocence,  heart of such strong desire.  
Needing more than anything,  to feel lifes  burning fire.  Smooth as a eagle,
sailing across and through distant trees.  Tears of anger and tears of love as much
should ever be.  Placed out onto the open and lost in the trails that have put you
there,  So much again is the pleasure of the wind passing  right through your hair. 
I made something special with this poem to give to you...

October 19, 2005 

A call to You.

I have over the last several months submitted Several poems, and even a few
under alias names which were never posted to the site.  I saw the name of a Woman on
this site i found doing a google search.  The same name as a very sweet, caring and
gorgous women i met many months ago.  Things happened after we talked a time or 2
and I was never asked to call, although i believe she does care.  I guess i must
have everything wrong, and I must be dreaming.  If you are the same woman and you do
read these it isnt hard to figure out who i am.  If it is you and you care then let
me know. I am not mad at anything that has happened as I hope you are not mad at me
for not calling the # left on my cell phone.  I was mad at that time and I am not a
man of anger or one whom could do anyone harm.  If it is you then just come out of
hiding and let me know.  I  have  thought about you every day.  After this I am also
including 1 more poem which i was going to wait to give.  It was written on
Thursday, July 14th.  It is very special to me as are you. 

October 19, 2005 

Seeing you Again

Seeing you again, Was like putting blood back in my veins
Filling My heart with Life and knowing that it will not drain
Not speaking in words or reasons, but just accepting what it is
The day i knew about the night before,
Out with the old skin, Walking through a new door
Sights that the mind could never even know
Light beyond the darkness, Away we shall Go

A New Day
September 25th-- 
A day like No Other, 
Today was that Very Day 
When you stepped Into my View, 
To say what you Had to Say 
The tears Held Back, From a weathered smile 
Now Love and Joy, Fill the Air For Awhile 
Trusting in the Feeling We Both Know 
A day that Has Happened,  
A day we shall Love till we are old 

As We Belong

I see you better, Each and Every day,
Knowing that I can Stand up a Better Way
Cold water where I once Lived,
Warmed up from the Love you have Give

Something happened in the time where we met,
Where the sounds of love we will never forget
Standing Now in this way that is now Home
Back to where we started, Together Now as We Belong

Every Day
Ive thought for so long and for every day,  
What may make this pain go away 
A dying hand from the fingers that have called 
Sprung into action but now is such appalled. 
Memories of the time that things were broke into place 
Another feeling of agony as I recall this disgrace. 
Hurt again , recovering from those dreadfull ways 
Waking up to this life again, Its just yet another Day. 
Still Unforgiven, Unforgotten, and Unspoken 

Stronger Soul

You've woven me a stronger soul 
Lest Did i think , nor did i know 
The strength that brought us together unto 
HAs grown much stronger now thanks to you 
Undying love growing restless from here to above 
When you see me again, I shall be your shining dove

Morning Time

Morning Time Rises like Fine red wine.
Like the refreshing waves of a summer breeze.
Tides of light laying out the day as bursts of energy
leaves for so much to say say.

Passing thoughts of days gone past
and a sudden glimpse of what will be last.
Rightfull in its own mind of what will precede.
The morning rises until its later recede.