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Jerad Spivey

STILL the days go by
Sometimes we laugh; Sometimes we cry.
Most times we simply stumble through the dark.

STILL the loss we feel;
We tell ourselves it isn't real.
We search for answers that do not exist.

STILL the memories break our heart
For out son whose life is not a part
Of the future that once shined so bright.

STILL we miss his bouncing gait;
Anticipating his return, we wait
To hear once more his laughter fill our home.

STILL sometimes it seems
Though surely it is in our dreams
We hear his car drive up and keys unlock the door.

STILL his clothing neatly stays
In a room where no one plays
And evidence of youth abruptly stopped seen everywhere.

STILL the pictures of a happier day
Hang on walls under glass display
The remnants of a life unfinished;
A friendship severed; Love diminished;
A child is missing; A family is broken
A picture where words need not be spoken.

STILL we miss the friends we've known
Whose bond through the years had grown
Into such a vital part of our lives.

STILL they are there among the past
Entangled in what could not last
Bittersweet, their presence yet, forever changed
In words not spoken and deeds not done, lives were rearranged.
We miss these friends of a more innocent time
And hope that of him their memories will remind.

STILL we feel the pain and dismay.
Our life's ambitions are in decay
There is no sufficient words to say
Just how alone we feel most everyday.

STILL we love this little boy
That grew into our pride and joy.
He still holds our hearts even in his private world.

STILL we watch for every clue
That promises life will renew
Never doubting there is hope
Always seeing beyond our scope
Ever hoping to unlock that hidden door
Always wondering could we have done more.

STILL we look for better days
We cling to hope and search for ways
We pray for healing from God above
We search for strength and feel the love
And when we look in Jerad's eyes
We know therein the truth really lies.

For STILL…in those eyes and in that smile
There is STILL the presence of our child.

Written by Jerad's Mom
June 28, 1999
In honor of his 3rd TBI anniversary and his 23rd birthday coming up.