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Jennifer "Juliet" Harrell

2000 Kisses
That day you kissed me
I felt joy in my heart
that day you kissed me
I felt loved in my soul
that day you kissed me
I felt safe from my fears
that wonderful day you kissed me
every night before i go to bed
I play it over and over in my head
then i realized that you do care...
2000 kisses

I never thought something like this would happen to you
and when i heard it i sunk into my shoes...
the doctor came in and said...
i covered my ears cus i knew he was dead..
he said Keith will be transported to the Little Rock Hospital... 2000 Kisses

When mom told me that he was fine
I started to cry cus i thought he would die
mom said it's alright, it's o.k to cry
2000 Kisses

Now all that has past
Keith your coming home at last
it's time to start over...
from the begining
a new light
a new day
something new to say
2000 Kisses