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Jay D. Enloe

Feathered Wings
Soft feathered wings, to help me fly,
Gentle breeze to muffle my cry,
Lord, please let go farther than yesterday,
All that I ask, will you show me the way?

My struggle is hard, my road so long,
With you here beside me, my spirit is strong.
My body is battered, but Im still standing tall,
With the love of my family, I do have it all.

Soft feathered wings of my spirit so free,
I thank the gentle breeze that brought you to me.
Some day when its over, when my time has past,
Ill stand there before you, and find peace at last.
Till then I will fight just as hard as I can,
And give all of my love to the Father of man.

with Gods love,
David Fish: author