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(Reflections of Coma and Post TBI)……A Caregiver’s Perspective

You see my cry
Yet never ask why

Your eyes tell how much you want to say
Yet, we both know why words are not spoken
I know not, how to reach within you.

We have walked in paths unknown
Together we have shared the pain within
I can no longer hold the pain inside
At times, don’t know why

In the windows of my mind
Somehow, the light no longer shines
Oh but how could I, not have the strength?

In you I see the struggle to survive
Smile for me, let me see, the sparkle in your eyes
Let me hear, laughter in the air I heard from days gone by

Though my spirit weakens at times, you reach out to me

Smiles within our minds
The sparkle of your eyes, reveal the beauty of your smile

As I sit by, I recall times gone by
I gently touch your face, awaiting your smile
There lies my sweet love

I remember when I held you close to me
We laughed, played, cried

In an instance of Time, suddenly your life changed
Now in silence you lay before me

Feel my love, Hear my voice
Awaken for us all
I know you hear me, I feel it in me

Though you have not smiled for a while
You have taught me in ways unknown to others
As I see others smile, memories of you sooth my pain

I seek ways to understand the shallowness
Of those that no longer understand you

The reality of what I see, weighs heavily on me
Some say, you no longer exist
How can that be?
I have seen and felt your presence

My beloved, we’ve shared our lives
Once again, in this path we see New Beginnings

Speak so others can hear your words
Let them see that you do exist
The New You

Share your love with them
Let others see the Sparkle in your eyes
Let them hear the sweet sayings from your lips
The warmth of your heart, reveals the strength in you
You do Exist, You are here with us

We have found our peace within our space
You are the smile within my heart
You have opened the windows of my mind
To let light shine

Our new Beginnings
Our new life
Our Survival.

By Jassmine: copy write Jassmine, MS
May 2, 2001, 1:30 P.M.

Echoes-A poem for Terri
Terri, though we never met, I've come to know of you
Just wanted you to know, you are not alone
Only way I could share is thru the thoughts below

Silent Thoughts, A voice not heard
Instances of thoughts, not expressed
Oh, please do not turn away from me
Hear my voice, my thoughts
Do not take them away from me
Do I not exist in your mind

Do not seal the crevices of my thoughts

I do not mean to make you hurt
I ask not for you to sacrifice your life for me

Freedom to Be
My space, to love, to cry, to laugh

Have I dared to put chains on you
Yet, you throw away the key to the shackles
you have placed not only on my mind
But most of all...on my Heart

Hear me please, all I ask is to let me be

I will find a way to make my garden bloom
to smell the fragrance of my Rose

All I ask it to let me be

Did not mean to alter your paths
My life was altered
Let me be, as I do you
Silent voices

by Jassmine: copywrite Jassmine,MS