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Janice "Blu" Sanchez

Blu's Advocacy
It is with the greatest joy to be able to share this with all our friends and with all those that crossed our path since we found tbihome.org.
Today Blu was awarded as I was too a certificate of completing WLCDR Disability Rights Masters Training Program as an advocate.

This is the first and not the last of what Blu will share her passion and her new life after TBI. The very fact that she understood what others would say and at times in her presence basically said she would never function cognitively.....today was her day of happiness!

As part of a unique forum in advocating disabled rights she on her own pushed her wheelchair around the lounge talking to those that would talk to her.

Blu seemed to have reached a new level and that meant MOM now had to best be on her toes and I have to literally asked....Blu where are you?, lol she has learned to get around her wchair as if it was a drag race scenario as we used to go and watch the cars race.

My gratitude to the few close friends that have always stuck by Blu and have believed in her ability to one day flourish.

To all those that just met us, may you too be blessed with the support that this board and those in tbihome.org have given of themelves unconditionally to those that do not have the ability to come and type for themselves.

If only you could see the sparkle in their eyes as my Blu's and her smile of joy to know that some treat her as an individual and not as some one that should be placed in a home with no existence.

Today Blu has crossed that barrior as a "warrior of the tatto of samoan culture indicates" one of a true warrior,

That she has reached in her own space and time and as htsdavy indicated in a previous posting,

'survivors should be given the God given right of existing',

So today Davy,Toby,Sagasha and those that never considered Blu as some have classified her, may you share this moment with us of Blu's new path and her beginnings of the artist she has been and will continue to be as her gift is one that will carry her to limits unknown as so many survivors have shown us to do.
My gratitude to all those that stood by us and for this day if I could capture it for you, you all know the joy I felt today.
Love to all my friends and special individuals that have encircled our family.

Copywrite: Pearl,M.S.

Janice "Blu" Sanchez

Janice's artwork prior to TBI 



poem: Blu's Writings from Journals and Sketchbooks
12/4/97 Incurred Traumatic Brain Injury by Motor Vehicle Accident.

ARTWORK can be seen at:

Excerpts from Blu's Sketch Books:

"Genesis of Opinion"
Validity and worthiness comes from the interpreter based on mere fact of Judgment regardless of intent or purpose of Creation."

"As a seafarer, who has escaped from the storm to the shore, turns with wearied breath to the turbulent waters and gazes; So I, still fleeing in my mind, turned back to look at the past which no one before me had ever left alive."

Remembering certain events and places but most of all the clear and solid idea of how all the roads had construction of some sort. All of this symbolic of some life journey that was reconstructing itself.

Reflection of the deliverance onto others,
And the last effect of.What was normal in one's life.Created what was not.And the realization of.By the receivers."

Excerpts from Blu's Journal as she traveled cross country three months before and up to the day her life was altered by motor vehicle accident:
"I continue to chip at an elderly pace. Dancing in an environment where most just basically dwindle.
Objectives: Discipline, Self control, must be implemented in order to keep to the routine to prepare me for what's next."

"Getting a little of my brain back day by day and getting my way, the way I'm used to living. Had I known the certain poisons one could take as simple pleasure and how we allow to be robbed, to the point that you are left with nothing but similarly common traits and habits as the typical "norm".

I wish I could get back at least a mile back, but instead it's an inch.

Walking backwards on a path to the point I feel is the original 'fork' in the road. It's kind of sad and funny at the same time.

I remember back when, at a time when nothing could or would phase my numbness and now I can feel the jackals all around waiting. The good thing is their just waiting for me to trip and fall instead of dying. But with this in mind, my tendency to be defensive and bitter is simpler than a trivial observation at someone or something, like it used to be.

Hopefully, it is at that 'Fork'. Realized how quickly some people seem to clasp on and become one with what was not made for them. "Consumption of the Inconsumable".

12/2/97 TUESDAY
"All objectives have been met.

While my work is left behind, a small reward for every goal or set guideline achieved.

Achieved is the PLAN.

My PLAN is the Contrary for the mere fact of the genius idea of CONTRADICTION."

12/3/97  WEDNESDAY
"Fueled by positive, when a goal/a chip falls. Realized that (previous) phases are now complete. The urge or any hint of that scene is gone.  I must embed that boundary that symbol that represents completion of a phase. That destructive phase. Still face the elements that are trying to break me. That old trick or treat scene. 'Damned if don't, damned if I did', type of statement lingers."


12/4/97 THURSDAY 7:00PM JANICE BLU suffered Traumatic Brain Injury by Motor Vehicle Accident as a backseat passenger without a seatbelt.

Copyright: Pearl,M.S.

A Blu World

I have a lovely friend, who shares with me creations,
Art painted with her hand, she gained my admiration.
Janice is her real name, we know her here as Blu.
An accident, brain injured left, has set her life askew.

And some would say disabled, but they have not been seeing,
The wondrous soul that's hiding, a flowered human being.

Blu has a gift from God, that from her soul can share,
With anyone who's listening, with eyes that are aware.
Blu is handicapable, her art shows souls great brilliance.
Facing mountains hard to climb, shows human spirits resilience.
It is a wondrous happening, this gift from God named Blu,
And if you get time to know her, you would love her too.
Her fighting spirit showing, how much she can contribute.
Sharing with her artwork, her talent is a tribute,
To strength of spirit, fighting odds, most would not havefaced.
So meet my friend, know right away, your caring is not misplaced.
Toby Edmondson
Copyright 2001 Motivational Graffiti

Dedicated to:
My Friend LtCol C. Johnson , Survivor

The Warmth of a Friendship

As Dusk falls on this cool April evening,
I stood atop a hillside, did not think I could do again
Afar I saw the ocean glisten as it met the skyline
The breeze gently swayed wild flowers surrounding me

The sun rays magnify the beauty my eyes could see
Your friendship is compared to the beauty I beheld
You believed in me
You heard me talk though no words spoken

Courage you instilled in me,
Was the key that opened up
Closed doors in my mind

You taught me how to write my name ~Janice Blu

Your continued caring has stood the test of time
Time so precious yet that is what you have given me
Despite the setbacks, I hear your words calling out


Your persona radiates compassion untold
The blessing of your friendship is what I treasure most

As I awake each day, remembering more and more
I feel the day will come, when I shall speak these
words to you

To Chuck~Cheese from Janice Blu

Image of a Face Unknown
Steadfast, Dependable, Trustworthy

You heard my cry
You felt my pain

Complex, Intriguing, Comforting

You have come to know me well
Without words unspoken

Solitude not by choice

You saw my reflection
A path you have mastered

Intense, all Encompassing,

You give direction
Your smile sheds forth light

Who is this Image

Boundaries you have never crossed
Your presence causes inner strength

As immense as the Universe

Your kindness has showered us all
Your shadow I shall always feel

Imagery of my friend
A face Unknown
A silent Voice

By Pearl