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Jamie Frees

Can You Do Me A Favor?

My soul is here, and my mind my wander. 
Dead or Alive it s not a question to ponder. 
If I had one wish, my life you would see. 
So could you do me a favor, and don t leave without me. 
Can I have a prayer, can I have one today? 
I need a prayer to help along the way. 
You feel me and I feel you. 
What more in life, than a touch so true. 
If I had one wish, my voice you would hear. 
So I can ask you a favor, and don t leave my dear. 
Can I have some hope? Can I have some today? 
I need your hope to make it through the day. 
I love you and you love me. 
Along the path, don t lose the key. 
If I had one wish, I would want no sorrow. 
So could you do me a favor and be here tomorrow. 
Can I have a miracle?  Can I have one today? 
Lord, I need a miracle, please send it my way. 
The pain I feel, though I hold on strong. 
But as time passes the nights seem long. 
If I had one wish I d want my fight. 
So could you do me a favor and give me my right. 
Can I have my rights?  Can I have them today? 
Death should be natural.  God will choose the way. 
ęCopyright Jamie Frees Poetry 4 U