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James Stuart

Lucky to be Loved
I feel lucky to be loved
It feels so lucky to be loved by somebody
Somebody with a little bit extra
Somebody just like you.

It feels so good when I wake up each morning
Each morning I turn over and look at you by my side
You bring out the very best in me
It is that much more important to succeed.

It feels so lucky, lucky to be loved
Maybe this feeling will never end
Will you never take your love away
Maybe you'll always be here by side.

Would there ever come a time
A time when we will have to part
A time when we will have to go our seperate ways
Go some place oh so far away.

By James Stuart

Second Thoughts
Sometimes I think I"m reaching,
For something that just isn't there.
A "pie in the sky" objective,
Trying to saul with no wind in the air.
Is it all really just a dreamland,
Are things far from being "peaches and cream"?
And if it's all just a fantasy,
Oh please, please let me dream. This hope is so much a part of me,
I'd die if it were taken away.
I love the stage I'm playing on,
And the different role that I play.
Maybe the star is unreachable,
Maybe it's not even there.
But without that one star that I'm reaching for,
I'd bee nothing...Nothing...No one...No where.

By James Stuart

The Best is Yet to Come
Times may get tough for us
but if we stick together
I'm sure that if we will make it,
And when we get through
Then we'll see
That the best is yet to come.

What's so good about goodbye
When the best is yet to come
How could you say that we're through
When we haven't even gotten started.

I can see so much for us
in the future so bright
Sure there will be a few hurdles
Hurdles for us to get ver along the way.

Times may get rough for us
but if we stick togther
I'm sure that we will make it
When we get through we'll see
That the best is yet to come.

Maybe this world will see
That life is a song
A song that we sing together
Sing together in joy.

When the world is ready
To accept us as we are
Accept us as the people
Living next door.

By James Stuart

Up Where Angels Play
It's really to bad that not everyone can see
Can see the great stadium
Way up there amongst the clouds
Up there where there is no limit to what you can do.

When you can really say the sky's the limit
Up there you never get tired
When you have all the choice in the sky
Up there anything is possible.

There is music all around
There is music everywhere
There is music in the air
There is music everywhere.

Up there where angels play
Up where there is nobody to say so
Up there where angels play
Up where there is nobody to say no.

When everybody is really free
Everyone is free to do whatever they want
When everyone has no fear
The fear that they will be laughed at.

Up there everyone gets along
Everybody likes everyone else
Which is really a good thing
Because once you are there nobody leaves.

By James Stuart