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Jacqueline Dustin

withered portraits...
withered portraits
of our ancestors
lie exposed to the
rain sun and tears
of the children they
bore into the world.

Jacqueline Dustin

a beacon of light is emitted...
a beacon of light is emitted from the estranged
cloud of sorrow
where darkness and piety have combined to form
true mirth which hangs over our heads
as if a reminder of the absolute power that can take over at any moment.

Jacqueline Dustin

Oh, Hope Divine
This sun shines in on me, keeps me from freezing,
the sky breathing in my trembling breathes
Taking from me, my last feelings of hope.
oh, this fear is deadly, this cold air even worse
It is arid, dry and lethal, the bitter feeling of defeat.

Jacqueline Dustin

The Vanity of Conscience
These words are merely grandeur,
Look inside the palace of your mind and you will see:
Mere vanities, petty lies and
Small thieveries occupy the
crestfallen palace which lies inside.

Jacqueline Dustin

Temporarily Young
My tears shine like glass upon
the calm and discreet knife that
conspires so eagerly to discourage
my journey to sovereign lands
spent so much time,

intricate silence never condemns
simple white noise is the harshest

while we sit and wait,
cutting through our silence
is that discreet knife,
meandering like a confused
caveat, hypocritical and sarcastic.

stone faces reveal no emotion
yet transparent feeling is not enough

depth is necessary, endearments
like feathers upon the wind
How far will they go?
for miles, or will they just fall?
the form of shame has changed,

My ears turn deaf with the camphor
of your habitual words.

Volatile and temporarily young,
free will where previously empty space,
and temperance is knocking down
these tender walls, within
I am only temporarily confined.

Temporarily young.

Jacqueline Dustin