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Jacqueline Bari

When you step into my view
and our eyes meet,I quiver
With the sight of your love.

When you get closer and you speak
To me,the sound of your voice
Makes my heart flutter,like
the wings of a dove.

When your warm,soft hands reach out
and touches me,
My heart feels the warmth
of a glowing sun.

But when your heart beats
strongly against my heart,
I feel as though

Jacqueline Bari

A Mother's Gift
I wish I could give you
All that I see...
The gold of the sunrise
the emeraldsof trees
the diamondsof stars
the perfumeof the breeze
a worldfull of peace,
Where people are free;
Love,Faith,Friends and Hope-to help you to be
astrong,loving person-th "YOU" I see.

But all I can give you,
is a gift that is free-,
All the Love in my heart,for you
from ME.

Your Mother

Jacqueline Bari