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Jaclyn "Sweet P" Pearshouse

Make Believe
I live in a world of make believe
where dreams fill my head
but I know when all my dreams are gone
will be when I am dead

For never a man who's lived before
or even a man who's alive
could deny that for a want or a whim
Is how the soul survives

Even a man who's ninety
who dreams of days bygone
or of the newborn baby
who we believe have none

We dream of things out of reach
like lovers who are tied
But from our dreams we realise
It's only there where we can hide.

Jaclyn Pearshouse

My body is useless
My mind won't let go
My thoughts are my friends
and only they know

That I want to get up
and do lots of things
but nobody knows the heartache
this brings

My legs were my power
To move me around
Now all that is left
Is the sight and the sound

I can't hold a pen
or say how I feel
Maybe I'm just dreaming

Jaclyn Pearshouse