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Jack Suderman

I want to change...
To change the world about me
Does nothing for the person inside me.
To change that which is inside me
makes the world a beautiful place.

by Jack Suderman

Walking in Grace
Life took my health
He gave me sufficiency.
I sought to fix it
He gave me quietness.

My sufficiency is in the moment
My rest is in His presence

Therefore will I live in the moment
Therein will I rest in His provision.

by Jack Suderman

Sailing with Jesus
Matthew 14:30 "Peter got out of the boat and started walking toward Jesus across the water, but as soon as he felt the force of the wind, he bacame afraid and began to sink.

God is so big
as the sea is so vast.
Be it anger or comfort
I'm listening at last.

My job is to focus
on this spot He has placed me.
The wind in this place
or the wave that's before me.

Whether wave or a trough
The calm or the gale.
Shall I plough or yield
Shall I hold or spill.

The fear is real
The trust is His grace.
He is in the sea and the wind
but most especially this place.

by Jack Suderman