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Heinz "Beans" Baytala

The two travelers
With each line I read
I heard the whisper of my soul

You are traveling
Side by side,
And are not on your own.

With one who has laughed with joy
Who has cried tears of life.

She has been a traveler also
And often travels alone.

Seeing the mornings dew
Upon rose petals so soft

Morning mist in her eyes
With hope and anticipation

Of a goodness and worth
In a life and Creation.

And the bitter dust of yester year
Giving wisdom beyond reproach.

Yes my fellow traveler,
Thank you for being the cool springs ahead.

I need rest
And companionship.

I am so thirsty
Now that you're here.
Will you share a drink?

Let's stop for a while together
And taste the wonder of kinship

Mother Natures will sing to us
With rustling leaves and stillness

With her soft voice in the river
And the fresh breeze echoing in her gullies.

The rain to drink of
And wash away the dust.

Of dreams untrue
And ventures lost

If we sit and share a thing or two
Look amongst our hearts so tender

Paint a picture on a canvas of trust
Using kindness as the palette

Words of encouragement
To paint the soft delicate hues

Honest and loyal prose
As the artist brush.

To sweep away the emptiness
Of an empty house and home.

Our life long journey
The scene we will paint.

And seeing the work finished
In the gallery of The Future

May we become the rivers of hope
That all people need

To travel on with want and courage
Amidst an ocean of sometimes loss and despair.

Heinz Baytala. 20/01/2003

May I
May I take your words?
And place them in this basket of angels
May I take of your kindness?
With truthful acceptance
May I take your picture?
And look at it with hope
May I take a lesson?
From your happy disposition.

May I not take your trust?
And treat it with contempt
My I not take your freedom
For in a cage you will not survive.
May I not take from your person?
That which is loyal and dignified.

May I give you my hand?
To hold you up when you are week
May I give you loyal devotion?
Never betraying your trust
May I give you a smile?
A grin to feel your joviality
May I give you purpose
To write words with Love
May I give you caution
For I am mere male.
May I treat you as a treasure?
Worthy of great Kings subjects

May we be together in spirit?
As so far removed we are apart
May we share each others company
Though miles of ocean separates
May we learn to be tolerant?
Of human emotions that run amuck
May we never taste?
Bitterness and deceit of heart.
May we never forget?
You love another

And may I say.

Take me as I am
For you are nice and I like you.
Take me to a mountain
And hold me ever so near.
Take me to the fire
Burning in your heart
Kiss my lips
And say. "Hi.glad your here"

And you know?
If you want?
Please take this,

My most precious possession

A mixture of emotion, feeling, thought action motives and
Skin and bone.

Me, Myself,
I on my own.

Heinz Baytala 21/01/2003

In Breif..
This is a poem I wrote for my Support person when she was unwell, I have written it using Australian "jargon"

If you would like a detailed explanation of the jargon please contact me at hb3@iprimus.com.au.

Me Old Man….God
Mate…..close friend.
Uppacumbucskta West…Heavon
Digger….returned soldier
Billy Lids….Kids/children
Shout…pay for


Me Old Man.

For Me sick mate,

G,day Old Man up there in Uppacumbuckta. West

Thanks Digger for all me mates and looking after us.
I have a favor to ask yah.

One of me mates who's in the game of helpin' blokes,
Is feelin' real crook.

Like the bloke that carked it for us, so we could have Christmas time.

She's not a bad old stick
And her fella and Billy lids are ok in my book.
I've always wanted to shout her fella a pot or two
And her billy lids a squash down at Pete's local.

Well today she sounded real crook on the blower…
Like when Slugger got rabies after biting me on the bum fishin' for Cod by The Murray.

I promised her to have a talk to me Old Man up there in Uppercumbucta West
She said:
"Throw me some good Vibes". When I asked her if she needed anything.

Dunno what "good vibes" is?
I know she likes things that are "sweet, doee and sticky"
And hates machine guns at supermarkets.

I know she's got a real dinky die heart,
And she tries real hard to hold it in when she needs to fart.

She's been there for mad blokes like me a heap of times,
Even given me a few good tips on how not to blow me doe
On some old nag still runnin' round in circles at last years show.

She's even helped me hold the fort with one of me kids when the chips were down.
Does real hard yakka at work and even at home after knock off time.

Yeah I know, she's a bit different,

With half a nail stuck through the side of her nose.
Eating all that queer stuff then starving herself for days.
And acts a bit like them long haird "weirdo's" with the funny smelling smokes.

But yah know… she's had a rough trot…, like us all.
And I know she loves yah even though you can be a real bugger at times
By letting that red bloke with the fork stick us in the bum each time we're down.

So waddayah reckon Digger?

Hows' bout sendin' one of yah cobbas down to give her a hand.
One of those with wings that glow in the dark, and sit on top of the Christmas tree..
Only an old bugger like you really knows what we all need.

Yeah I know…
We drink to much booze and flirt with all the shielas at the Sunday "Barby",
While our missus looks after the kids and does the dishes.

But just this once please Digger?
And I'll even promise not to throw Pastor Flagon's corks in the church plate anymore on Sundies.
If yah help me out just one more time.

For this Sheila is special to me…. And yeah…
I sort of Luvs her,
And not just for me belly and wot hangs from it.

She's special in my book.
Even when I showed her my FJ Holden Ute,
And tried to shove her in the back and drag her up north,
She reckoned that she loves her fella and kids too much.

That's gotta mean a lot in your book?
Well that's wot Moses reckoned you wrote on those lumps of rocks you gave him.

So how about just one favor for your old mad mate hey?

Throw me blister something "sweat, doee, and sticky"
So we can all see ,

Yah not such a bad old bugger, as some say you are.

Thanks mate….

Heinz Baytala.

Every Sunday.
Every Sunday, in my special place,
I light a candle.

Usually a blue one,
Blue is my favorite color.

I do this out of respect.
For all those beings that have helped me on my journey.

A very tough road for all,
no doubt.

For the things I have.
For the things I love.
For the good times,
For the tears we have all shed on "our" journey.

It's my way of saying,

"Hey, Thanks for your kindness,
I was so thirsty and you gave me a drink.
Thanks for being there for me".

May we all meet again?
And I can do some kind dead for you.

Heinz Baytala. Re-written on a memorable day 4/8/2002