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Heidi "Heidiho"

Life of Growth
A peaceful day of new works,
Bliss is torn with a violent soul's fate.
In his mind a switch turned off,
And in calm and peace a soul was drawn.
With a crack of an eye this peace was gone...
A new chapter of haze and pain began.
Can a soul stay sane?
Waking to a world of such dismay?
What to do, what to gain,
It's up to a soul to find again.
But one's gain is a soul's choice,
And in another's eyes, they will be blind.
All a soul can do is grow and search for the gain,
For the sin is being blind to the lessons life gave.

This was my Mother's Day gift from my son who is recovering from TBI after 3 car accidents and 3 concussion in 3 years. He's IS recovering and is determined to continue.