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Heather "blondi"

Another day has gone by without you here,
I sit and wait by the window for you to appear,
Yet, you do not come, today or tommorrow,
Once again, my heart is filled with sorrow,
Mutual friends visit now and then,
To bring cheery news of how things have been,
I don't see much of the outside world anymore,
Seems no point without you there to open the door,
The service was good, and your right where you wanted to be,
Past the others, near the old elm tree,
I still think it was too soon,
We were barely together, just me and you,
Our plans and our hopes, and all of our dreams,
Had just begun, yesterday it seems,
But now Im here and all alone,
Just sitting here in our quaint little home,
I will walk the streets again someday,
But for now I will stay here, tucked away,
A letter of love, tears and goodbyes,
The memory of you will live on in my eyes.


Any Other Day
One day everythings as it should be,
Things are about to change but you can't see,
One day your driving along without a care,
Feeling the wind in your hair,
When all of the sudden your upsidedown,
Your hurt badly and sent to the hospital in town,
They can't do anything for you and your sent away,
To a specialty hospital where you remain in a coma for days and days,
When one day you wake up and begin to talk,
You find you have to relearn everything, including to walk,
After you complete that rehab you get to com back,
And hope you don't have a siezure attack,
But soon you'll get back to your old life,
And hopefully without any strife.


Yesterday we were together,
Yesterday was bliss,
The thought of something happening never did occur,
A moment to spend together we did not miss,
Yesterday I was on my way to work,
Then the good Lord thought he would change something,
That something sent out world upsidedown,
One day your biggest worry was what type of tux to wear,
The next your worrying if Im goina live, while I look at you with an empty stare
Maybe this was God's way of saying we're not right,
Since we never litened to words, we just held on tight,
But yesterday is nomore, it is now today,
And we must live with the choices we have made,
Either to try to work on things or go our own way,
We have been robbed of what we were,
With no way to go back,
Where did our yesterday go?