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Eric "Yappers" Giek
life style

Life being as it is?
It is time to change
the style of life
on your new path.
The life style
we are on isn t
very conducive towards
we had envisioned
for ourselves.
With an inconsiderable amount of minor adjustments,
life can return
too what it was before by;
Engineering hope and prosperity
whilst achieving our dreams!

Eric Giek Monday, February 05, 2007

A celebration

Construe this my darling,
love comparable to ours
is like going oblivious
to the fact that I love you?
If love is a jubilation
of hugs and kisses,
I dare to share and to plant on you
isn t it obvious
that I love you?
Understand this my darling,
love equivalent to ours
isn t rhythmical to ours
isn t it obvious
that I love you?
Love is a celebration
of two lives meshing together
isn t it concrete
that I love you?

Eric Giek August 31, 2004

the tide

No matter where you hide,
a rising tide will get you;
As the tide recesses,
you must contend with the currents;
Like Traumatic Brain Injury,
the rising influx of information increases,
so does the pioneering hope!

December 28, 2005

Soul shot revised

have lost the rhythm and rhyme;
Rhythm and rhyme are needed
for peace, love, and happiness;
Give me another shot of that stuff, Mister!
I need my rhythm and rhyme,
for peace, love, and happiness;
It makes me crazy sometimes,
knowing what I know now,
as opposed to years back;
I wanted to drown my fears,
in that mug so no one will see
the years built in tears of my fears
that have been year after year
of missing out
makes the kinda person I am.
Fearless! With Jesus!

Eric Giek 2005

Ignite my feelings for you...

I would have never believed
it to be true;
It s like a fire
one minute just a spark;
and the next a towering inferno.
The torture of not seeing you.
It s getting tougher and tougher;
everyday, my love explodes for you;
It ll never stop
because you have ignited my feelings for you.

Eric Giek December 20, 1990

In an echo of my past

Like sound,
life reverberates;
Resonating taste of short-tempered mortality;
Memories of being alive,
now just recollections of a kid;
Why am I the in this state of sorrow?
Is there any expression of regret in my heart?
If adversity drives the soul,
then, my soul will forever be enslaved by this body;
Oh! What I could have been,
is just the echo of my past

Friday, March 01, 2002
Eric Giek

How Long

How long must I endure?
How long must I satisfy?
How long must I relish?
Enduring a damaged cerebellum and cracked my skull
changes my memoirs to read like,
a dreadful manuscript of oversights.
The simplest thing, like tying a shoe
is now a fifteen-minute task?
and the laces may not be correctly done.
Tying my shoelaces is the least of my problems.
That is just the tip of the iceberg.
In a traumatic and in a titanic collision, my brain hit my skull!
Leaving me to fight for my life in which I still battle.
Battling what was left, and retraining the actions of long ago.
It is fatiguing to walk with the rolling walker,
and talking the words are like talking a new language!
Yet I am enduring, satisfying, and commanding what I have left!

July 29, 2004
Eric Giek

...in all the years...

The year was then,
time is now,
question is how?

I live my life as it was then,
instantly, life was changed for now,
the question is how?

Then is now,
and now is then,
the question is how?

The feelings go way back when,
this very moment is lingering in my mind,
the question is now, why?

I was a kid when,
time was so unkind,
the question is why?

The time has
came and went
the question is why?

Why the shy is blue?
I'll never know?
That is why life goes on.

Eric Giek Oct. 12, 1999

Fantasy Cream

She is my every desire;
Factual or a dream,
she is so very real to me;
She walks away
knowing my scheme;
Dream, dream, dream,
I do all the chances
I have to dream;
A'las she is so alive
with me sharing
her ice cream
in my nice dream!

Eric Giek May 10, 1994

And So It Was

In the beginning of my brain injury, the promised land did not seem to far in the distant;
And now it is like it has taken away my surrogate for fulfilling my hopes and dreams;
And so it is this way by passing my hopes and dreams, I will not be let down;
So, I gather All I can and put it in a big pile with a smile all I can say AND SO IT WAS

Eric Giek January 5, 1997

Soul Shot

Give me a shot of that stuff,
the soul shot;
I have lost the rhythm and rhyme;
Rhythm and rhyme are what's needed for peace, love, and happiness; Give me a shot of that stuff, Mister;
I need my rhythm and rhyme,
for peace, love, and happiness;
It makes me crazy sometimes,
knowing what I know now,
as opposed to years back;
I want to drown my fears, you see,
in that mug so no one will see
my tears of the fears that have taken year after tear, of missing out
makes the kinda person I am;

Eric Giek December 22, 1996

Life In The Slow Lane

It's judiciously incorrect for this young man;
I did my time,behind restraining, cerebrum chambers of my mind;
Lord, please release me from this incarceration;
I never anticipated this kind of trials and tribulations,but I should've known,the tow of the underworld;
Just between me and Jesus,who became my savior,
He delivered me from predestined death;
Yes, things I do are slow, but not without purpose;
I was slowed up, yet I am alive.

Eric Giek October 30, 1996

Wasted Moments In Time

Is wasted moments in time
are all we have left to go on?
Is all I have left
to face the mortar remains of the
yesteryear of tomorrow?
Can I find my way?
I will find
my way!
No matter oceans spill
or mountains grow,
believe me
I will figure my life out!

Eric Giek Nov. 22, 1992

Busting Out

Sometimes I feel like
busting out of this condition,
othertimes, I feel like
starting a petition,
But it comes
over and over,
the same thing
day in and day out,
Time will all wounds
so, I had thought,
time is tickin me off,
I just gotta get
out of this locality;

Eric Giek Sept. 6, 1991

Shallow Waters

I feel
like I'm standing,
in a puddle
of dirty stained water.
All my illusions
I notice, are floating,
away from me,
floating around in a whirlpool
of misguided rivers,
in the pools
of shallow waters.

E.G. Sept. 7, 1991

One Day, It's All Gone

By the dawns early light
Is there a reason for
all this fightin'
muscle against muscle?
I arise to each & every, brand new day,
yet no change
what kinda life
will go strange?
Just the same ol' same ol'.
It's the start of the end.
By the dawns early light
it comes back into sight.

E.G. August 22, and 23, 1991

No Matter What

No matter what
what they say,
I will always be
on the lookout for you,

no matter what they tell you
I'll always be on top for you,
no matter what
I'll be the happiest guy for you,

no matter what
I'll be there for you,
no matter what
they believe, I'll always believe in you,

no matter who
they tell me to love, I'll always love you,
no matter what
I love you.

E.G. Dec. 23, 1990


I the
only one
to be in this
condition of despair
or is there more?
I the loneliest
one, there has gotta be more
in this state of despair?
this state
of lesions, but
who am I to complain?

E.G. August 16, 1990

Nothin is changin

Nothin is changin
I wake to the same old song and dance,
no singing and no dancing;
Just trying to belong with the fast paced in this human race;
Taking this cliché,
the singing and the dancing away
and the old singing and dancing come back;
no singing and no dancing,
Racing my life away,
will it be okay?
Cryin today
from the same ol song and dance;

Eric Giek August 19, 1997