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Gayle Fowler

Where Am I

I look into the mirror,
A stranger stares back at me.
I know that I don't know her,
But  I'm told that she is me.

It scares me when I see her,
Her face is so unknown.
To think that she could be me,
Chills me to the bone.

Friends I have known fade away,
Just like my "use to be".
Inside me so full of confusion,
"Where is the real me?"

My life is such a mystery,
Once known, now gone for good.
How can I just be me,
I don't know me like I should.

These kids I'm told came from me,
But their births I can't recall.
How can I love children,
I really don't know at all.

This man that is with me,
Mine, he just can't be.
He is not my type at all,
And his touch feels so cold to me.

God why has this happened?
Why has this been done to me?
Why did I ever deserve to have,
Me taken away from me.

Many nights I spend crying,
Mourning over the old me.
God is there anyone out there,
That can come and please fix me!

Written By Chris C. Stevens
(November 9, 1999)