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Eric Miklos

Erased Life
All alone in a hospital bed.
Can't sleep in this bed.
Only friends shadows of nothing.
Left without memory in my head.

You show me pictures.
But it's all the same.
A painful reminder,Of what I can't remember.
A face with no name.

You come to my room.
Asking how I am.
But I should have guessed.
Another Doctor, another test.

Alone again in a hospital bed.
Can't sleep in this bed.
Only friends shadows of nothing.
No Memories in my head.

Now I can see through the pain,
Born with the best computer to own.
Plugged into my body,
My brain.

Left with an empty mind.
Starting over again.
Rebuilding lost memories.
Where do I begin.

Out making new friends.
Trying new things.
Rewritting my life with new paper and pen.

New Dreams of Hope
Living my life having a ball,
Until the day I had to fall.
There I was so close to death,
Ready to draw my terminal breath.
But my life was saved at what cost.
The quality gone, I felt lost.
All because of that single mistake,
Now and forever my head will ache.

Changed ability to work and learn.
Knowledge and money harder to earn.
Now I look back on broken dreams,
Inside my mind starts to scream.
All because of a little fall,
Everywhere I turn another wall.
But everyday sheds new hope,
As I learn new ways to cope.

Lost Future
My life long dreams have been shattered.
Now my future is all that really mattered.
Everywhere I turn life looked so black.
Lost direction, can't stay on track.

Life gone crazy, I feel trapped.
In a web of chaos so tighly wrapped.
Starring into the midnight sky,
Watching life go fleeting bye.

Of my youth I've been robbed.
Into a void my lifes been lobbed.
Dreams broken without emotion.
No cure, No magic potion.

But as the sun comes over the hill,
I saw purpose and my life began to fill.
My future looked a whole lot brighter,
As my chest became a whole lot lighter.

The Day Brings Life
Today the clock struck zero and never ran again.
I wondered if time would ever begin?
For days I questioned where life would go?
My river of live had stopped to flow.

Would a new day ever come?
Or could dawn only break for some?
Was I alone, the only one?
Left in darkness, without the sun.

Living alone by candle light.
Within myself began a fight.
What is it I had done?
To live not knowing fun.

But over the horizon, could it be?
Was it the sun I could see?
Just then the clock struck one.
My life had just begun.

The night slowly became day.
My life hadn't wasted away.