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Kimberly Endicott

You Are Not Alone (1997)
When times get tough.
If life gets rough.
When you get confused.
If you have been abused.
When the pain is unbearable.
If you feel your life is terrible.
When you want to cry.
If you feel your tears wont dry.
When you want to scream.
If you feel you live in a bad dream.
When you want to just give in.
If you want to commit the ultimate sin.

Know that you are not alone.
Just pick up the telephone.
You have friends who are near.
Friends who truly do care.
Friends who have been there.
Friends who will stand by your side.
Friends who will listen to all you confide.
Friends who will wipe away all of your tears.
Friends who will calm all of your fears.
Friends who will reassure you of their love.
Friends who seem to have been sent from above.
Know that you are not alone in any way.
Friends are just a telephone call away.
At any time of the day or night.
Peace is within your sight.
Don't give up on life.
You do have friends who understand your strife.
If you need a helping hand.
You do have friends who truly understand.

Shattered Lives (1997)
Shattered lives
Husbands and wives
Sisters and brothers
And so many others

Millions of victims
Are hurt and killed by drunk drivers whims
Millions of survivors
Are left by drunk drivers

Hopes are scattered
Dreams are shattered
We try to pick up the pieces
The effects of their crime never ceases

Humanity is losing
Because we are not choosing
To have a voice
And a choice
In the safety of our lives

A survivor strives
To live on making a difference
While keeping some appearance
Of their shattered life.

Drunk Driving Crashes (1997)
Drunk driving crashes
leaves lives in ashes.
Hopes are lost
at a high cost.
Dreams are shattered.
People are battered.
When will it stop?
Drunk drivers say
"I won't pay
for my crime"
Time after time.
They get away with murder.
Justice says it is just manslaughter.
When will it end?
What message do we send?
The crime continues
that is no news.
Innocent or guilty
we all pay for it completely.
Insurance rates increased
to pay for the deceased.
We pay for the injured
in which there is no way to be cured.
When will it cease?
If the criminals are caught
and justice is sought.
We all still pay
for their stay
in court or in jail.
Without fail
we pay with our taxes
while the criminal relaxes.
When will it quit?
It is time to fight
there is no end in sight.
We must raise our voices
and exercise our choices.
Murdering of the innocents
is nefarious.
Injuring the blameless
is completely atrocious.
When will it disappear ?
We can end it here.
The end of this crime can be near.
If we all choose
not to lose
any more lives.
With a vigorous
shout and a zealous
cry to the lawmakers
we can show the lawbreakers
We will suffer no more.
There is much in store
for their criminal acts.

A Morning Nightmare
Written by Kimberly & Brian Endicott 1997

Twilight through a row of trees.
The supple smell of new spring leaves.
The morning fog hangs in the air.
A family trip to show we care.
A blur, a streak of color moving too rapid !
Time has accelerated !
Through the glass, a muddy field.
Our fate has been sealed.
The brakes seem not to work !
The family van stops with a jerk !
Our bodies have been smashed !
In this van we have just crashed !
The heart wrenching sobs, the gut wrenching screams !!
It is as if we are all having bad dreams.
The pain is excruciating !
The fear is overwhelming !
Blood is poring everywhere.
Death is slowly coming here.
The door is opening.
An invitation to forever ease the pain is fluctuating.
It is not our time, this is not the place !
We have too much of life left to face !
To the heavens above we cry !!
Please do not let us die !!!
Someone please come and save us all !!!
Someone help !, we call
Help is here.
Someone is near.
Hands embracing.
Voices calling.
We are all alive !
We have all survived !!!!

Times Change (1997)
Times have changed
Schedules have been rearranged
Now people work from day through night
Not caring about others plight
Children are left home alone
Their loneliness is not known
Crime is rampant through the streets
Advocacy is not recognized as any great feat

Long ago, times were different
People were not so distant
Life was at a slower pace
Families sat at dinner face to face
Everyone knew their neighbors
People were appreciated for their labors
People were respected
Property was protected
People truly cared
Lives were openly shared

Values of the past
Are meant to last
We can save our humanity
If we can overcome our vanity
We can start anew
And teach our children to view
The world with kindness
And always try to make a difference
In others lives just by caring for even a total stranger
Even if that means putting their own emotions in danger
A broken heart or a few shed tears
Are worth helping others through their fears
Love and kindness can overcome all
If it stops humanity from the fall
Further into violence and ultimate destruction.
Times can change with any situation
Together we can make a difference
In this world so full of insensitiveness