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Elisha "Lish" Kohrs

The Problem
The problem isn't me can't you see it's the brain in my head,
I'm not right, I'm not as smart but I still have my intense heart,
I have feelings as I did before, I am able to run and not be ignored,
I think they don't understand, I feel I'm not as pretty or that I need to lose weight,
Not true I look the way I used to, My brain confuses me and tells me I'm all right,
But I am not,
My brain lies to me to protect itself, I have more goals than that girl I used to be,
This is just part of the girl called me,
I'm not extremely famous but I always thought I would be,
I'm not a supermodel and I'm not in the Olympics, but I have an important thing that most don't realize they have,
That thing is God,
God gave me life just one more time so I can prove that it is worth living and worth giving your all,
even though I'm not tall,
I know I have a call and the Lord is helping my life, It is for a reason,
Not treason, this season and the next, I'm going to read some more text,
God Bless the one who reads what I share, and those who care,
Bless You

Elisha Kohrs