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Elaine "dreamstate" Latto


I want my old big brother back!
He could run, jump, loup a fence
He could play football on the beach
He could swim like a fish
He could ride a bike
He could laugh
I want my own big brother back!


I'll get back to where I was before
You'll see
No more falling down for me
It's up, up, up
from now on
Watch me climb
New mountains
New trees
Watch me


He lay in the dark
Paralysed by fear
Acutly aware of night time noises
He could not escape
And then they came
He knew they would bring the mechanical monster
His eyes remain transfixed on their shadows
Behind the screen
They speak about holidays, children, mortgages
As they strip him of his dignity

Independence Day

He takes his first tentative steps slowly
He could not relate to the walking frame
It was a loathsome thing to him
Tiring he pushes it away in disgust
Hating his need for it

The gauntlet is thrown down
He picks it up
The challenge is on
He pushes himself to the limit
He walks to His door
Knocks, enters
Without aid
It's time to go home