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Dustin "D." Stovall

Migraine Macrocosm

Migraine Macrocosm 
Disorienting stabs of pain 
Throbbing head, what can I attain 
When I m lost in this submissive spree of strain 
Confusion at this rain 
Of lighting flashes within my brain 
That disable productivity again 
Help I need 
And I don t know how to alleviate 
How to find the right substrate 
To end this granularly stabbing headache 
Stumbling dance steps 
Confusion in my head flips 
It s a sharp snapping whip 
Again and again 
Now I know how slaves might have felt 
Though purely mental, a debilitating welt 
That puddle jumps through my consciousness 
The splashes, different stabs of pains 
Some less, some more, but still again and again 
Cocktails to relieve, serenity to achieve 
It won t come, I can t win 
The dance of life is full of that 
Pain, things to gain, and a microcosm of self-delusion 
The world full of trickery, that and much illusion 
But the throbbing goes on, life goes on, and to do my best...the remaining conclusion 
Make the best of what you have 
Change things so less is stark raving mad 
Live life and at the end be glad 
That you could make the world a better place 
Just as rings true 
There is often much to do 
Do whatever you can 
For if you can bring a smile in your rough times, then life can still be grand 
Life for me is tough 
But for each it could be tougher 
And there are times when you have had enough 
But the headache, life, and the like go on 
Just make the best of what you have 
Even in misery, try to be glad 
For the fortune of still having life 
Ignore the throbbing, help ease all the strife 
It will go on 
Just try to make it better 
Try to make it fun 
Free of constricting fetter 
Find the beauty in all things 
Even in sadness, happiness you can bring 
Pain persists, 
But so can happiness 
So can happiness... 

Dear president bush
Dear president bush: 
What is compassion? 
Certainly nothing you have 
What is a fair ration? 
In your small-minded box, apparently nothing you care about 
Why do you serve us as president? 
Actually, I don t think you do 
You don t seem to care for all of the people who 
Now suffer, who are poor, in your world they re people you just ignore 
A hurricane destroys lives and costs billions 
And you sit for days, don t prepare ahead of time, and just laze 
While lives are broken. Then you joke about rebuilding a rich man s house 
To lounge on his newly built porch. Impeachment is a force 
That should have befallen you a long time ago. 
Maybe when you lied about WMDs, 
Or when you acted like we weren t creating atrocities around the world. 
How long can we let you throw us to and fro? 
Dear president, you re in a position I was brought up to respect 
But you do nothing but show your people nothing but neglect! 
As I sit and reflect, how am I supposed to have any good feeling for you? 
I ve been, for years now, a person who s resented you. 
What can I do? 
Impeach now is what I suggest 
And it s gaining ground even in the people to whom you profess 
And call your  base 
How dare you come on TV to show your face? 
How is it you can flagrantly spout to us your naive ideologies? 
Why is your mind so small? 
Why can t you even give one damn apology? 
Impeach now is what I suggest, 
Call your representatives 

Cruisin' Down The Path

When you re cruisin  down the path 
There are many ways to turn 
All the people here and there 
Bits of knowledge to be learned 
When you re dancin  with your mate 
Moving to the beat 
Glistening in life s fate 
Comforted by surmounting that feat 
When you re cruisin  down the path 
With life that all blows by 
The wind rushing through your hair 
Adrenaline all but nigh 
It s the road of life you don t want to miss 
For all the unexpected curves 
That gives the air worth breathing, 
Sorrow or smiles succumbing with and swooping to an array of soaring nerves 
Or tantalizing turmoil amasses 
To tremendous and disquieted distress 
As despair or tragically even death 
Dim lights on what once was blessed 
But to treasure each blessing 
Is nothing less than simple beauty 
As you relish in those states and feelings 
That make each breath you ve ever taken, insatiably  
They re insatiably, unfathomably, and most simply   delicious 
Those tastes of life that sour or sweeten  
The very moments, every moment 
That intensifies the pleasurable tastes, the ones far from insipid. 
It s the different flavors of life that you don t want to miss 
Whatever you taste though, just try to treasure what you can, relish in what s at hand 
And if you can manage throughout your busy-ness to bring a smile, 
To brighten someone s otherwise darker mile make their life better. 
If you can t find anyone to lighten your tear 
Just pause, breathe, and enjoy every moment 
Because I guarantee, a someone is near 
To uplift spirit, add blissful bounce, which is nothing but a smile, in every single
Just be sure to treasure every little bit of this short life that you can grasp onto 
When you re cruisin  down this path called life 
Stop, smell the fucking flowers, and pick one to give to somebody 
Because there s nothing as uplifting as easing someone s strife, 
Lightening the day of any soul, presents some new and random jolly 
And you can smile and laugh, seeing in life all the great folly 
Just try to enjoy this thing called life when you re cruisin  down the path 
For you may miss a minute somewhere, but the best to be done is not to miss a laugh 
You should enjoy every minute, for to do anything else would be blasphemous of life 
Just be sure to live, help someone else when you can, and try to surmount strife 
Try to enjoy this simple thing called life   that s what it s here for.  

The Tango of Life
It dances and swirls  
All about its own little world.  
It prances and twirls  
Throughout emotions that eventually unfurl.  
Lively, sprightly, dignified, or tragic,  
These are realms in which you dance the dance.  
As you dance, be careful of the allegoric arsenic  
For it just may be your defeating lance.  
The splendor, the grief; the ups, the downs,  
These are what make your emotions a play.  
From heavenly bliss you may feel above ground  
As you rise from the strains of a strenuous day  
Harm may befall thee,  
Hurt may entwine  
As tears fall from your face -  
Love stings yet can be affluently benign.  
How the various states of being swarm  
What might otherwise be something dormant and cold.  
Yet the tango of life creates sparks that can warm  
That which has died, what s grown forlorn, that which couldn t be bold enough for
There are bits here and there that can t begin to describe  
The pains and pleasures of any given life.  
It comes and it goes tears from laughter to despair  
While the radiant maintain throughout the toughest of fares.   
My soul has wept, I don t know how many times.  
A joke has uplifted, those spirits which have died  
And alas here is life, through all the grins and the whines  
Happiness prevails, at least when you don t hide from the shadows.  
The tango of life is here,   
And to dance with it   
Is nothing to fear  
For there's love and pain alike, just try to treasure every little bit that you can
grasp onto.

Free Me
I live life sometimes falsely enlightened
I listen to classical music and feel light as a feather
I know that I m not, but who will stop me from feeling?

I am alone
I wish to be enlightened with a girlfriend or love
But I am alone

Being alone isn t always bad
Sometimes though it plagues your heart
When you miss love and want to be had

I m tired of writing about being lonely
I want to write about more important things
Me, me, me is not what s important

This world is full of beauty
Focusing on that is of dire importance
The world is also full of evils
Bringing peace to those things is where focus should lye

I am so enwrapped in the idea of me
Some humans are entwined with their selves
Can t we shift our focus?
Can t we care about others before ourselves?

It s hard to do this when you live in a world that s survival of the fittest
It s hard to let go of this selfish idea of self
Free us! Or better yet, free me.

Free me...

Dustin Stovall

Valentine's blues
I'm alone, oh so alone
I'm detached, from what I could be
Valentine's wishes, on the phone (I wish)
>From someone, who wants to call me

Here I sit somewhat different,
and by myself on this "lovely" night
Love is so far away it seems,
I only wish my heart would find love's light.

I'm tired of being all alone
Tired of a spirit that cries itself to sleep
I wish I would wake to find one
Love within my cold grasp's reach

Today, it's others in love that dance and play
Today, they frollic through the night
But my chance for love seems left astray
It with other parts of me have already died

I am tired of fighting again and again
Tired of hoping for that I can't reach
All I want is one beautiful win
Something, I mean someone that I can keep

I miss the feeling of her arms
The arms of love around me
Instead it's only things I find, the lonliness of life's harm
Enveloped and trapped within me, that which might let me be free

I love love, and I miss it

Dustin Stovall

Find the Fight
Oh how I miss the all natural high
Oh how I miss the color of love's dye
I wish I would fall all over again
I want to start anew with love to begin

There are many natural highs I miss
Acting and loving and friendship abyss
Should I stay here all desolate and sadly forlorn?
I don't want pity, I want to be adorn

Adorn with companions and love all around
Adorn with inner-beauty and struggles never found
I want to breathe life in its beauteous forms
I want to find peace in this God forbidden storm

I need to be at peace before any of this I find
I have to escape broken scorns and arrows of every kind
My soul wants to sing but can't find the music
My soul's searching for friendship but can't seem to get to it

Stand enlightened! Stand renewed! Breathe with enthusiasm galore!
Fight for freedom! Fight for honor! Fight forever and then fight s'more!
Beauty lies within! Beauty'll stand again! Beauty's all around, so breathe!
Find the fight and do just that; FIGHT!

Dustin Stovall

Helping all around
I have a traumatic brain injury, or TBI
It's not good for me and I'm lucky when I got it I didn't die.
Now it's a fight to get back what I want.
It'll be a hard fight for month after month.

I want everything back, yes I certainly do.
I'll ask the Lord, tell me will you?
It's weird how now I believe in the power of prayer.
Hand it to the man,. He lives upstairs.

How far should I run? How fast should I go?
I can only guess and only the Lord knows.
Go hither and thither, but not over there.
That's not recovery and that I must share.

None of my old ways for now or evermore.
They are unhealthy and swing open bad doors.
Drugs could give me seizures and they've hurt me before.
I am alive and well in tact and for that I thank the Lord.

How many times I've said thank you in prayer my whole life
He's done this for me, he's done that, and he keeps ending my strife.
Once again "Thanks to You for helping me out."
I now think I know what my life's all about.

I feel the need to help all around and give some good deeds.
I want to return the favor for all the help that was given to me.
I'll do my best Lord to do what I can. Help those that need it and possible start a band.
A band of helping brothers and sisters. People who'll help throughout this big land.

Let me help. I want to.

Dustin Stovall

Walking with You
My belief Christ for you is newfound my Lord.
In the past month has my belief has been firmed.
If this were a race for you my pedal would be floored.
It took me almost dying before this I learned.

Although I love you now and all of the time.
I also love all people even if their queer.
I kinda think that you don't like them but I'm unsure.
To me you love all, regardless of fur.

Forgive and forget is what I was taught.
Is this your wanting because now you don't hurt?
Punish and hold grudges? I'm thinking not.
Forgive and forget is what I was taught.

I love you.
I want to walk with you.
I want you to be at my side
Until forever and after I die

Dustin Stovall

Help me Lord
I think that there must be some weird part of me.
I'm attracted to and attract girls that are flakey.
I need to overcome this and I need
to overcome myself.

Serenity comes with peace of mind.
My mind has trouble holding peace
when I can can hardly ever find,
that which I want to satisfy me.

I want friends around again.
I want to fall in love again.
I miss the laughter that those things hold,
I feel that if life were poker, I should fold.

I almost weep as I do write.
I'll ask a God if maybe he might
help me through every bit of this
and help me find some serene cool bliss

Dustin Stovall