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Dionne "Destiny"

Rejected because of the way i walk
Rejected because of the way i talk
Trying to figure out if my life style is right or wrong.
Rejected because my postures to strong.
If im a woman im wrong.
If im a man im strong.
Blinded by politics.
Blinded by my nike kicks.
Gotta have.
Gotta get.
This paper off these dimes and nicks.
Put in jail from the crimes i commit.
Go for a job and get rejected.
Not because im black.
Not because im a woman
Maybe its because im uneducated.
Naw its because im what society calls ignorte.
Put down by a family of thirteen .
A non graduate is what ill be.
To get this GED is what i need.
I guess i'll have to shape up to get this green.
Rejected by society yall know what i mean.
Rejected by people who was once just like you
and just like me.