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Dianna "dianna395" Stroud

The Time Has Come
The time has come it's now year three
More happy each day you seem to be,

I've seen you progrss and move ahead
I'm no longer living in such dread,

To watch you ride your three wheel bike
It was the one thing i knew you'd like,

To see you smile and your eyes so bright
I never knew this little one had so much fight,

With each move forward that you take
Know i'll be there with each one you make,

Just when I think you've reached a platue
You smile and say hang on mom here we go,

So know this my dear on this your third year
The day you said ma there was nothing sweeter to hear,

Your road is still long and you have far to go
But know that you have my love and me where ever you go,

When i feel down and ready to give in
Your smile reminds me of your angel with in,

We'll make it together with love that is so true
This angel and her momma always friends true blue,

So the time has come to accept what we have and have not
But the best thing I know i still got,



My Angel
My Angel my life my world
On a hot summer day in near death it was hurled

One so young and once full of life
Was now before me with no glimmer of it in sight

To see her lying there so quiet and so still
No laugh or I love you from her lips did spill

My heart ached and it died that day
My whole world imploded you could say

The blood on her cheek dripped slowly to her chest
I tried to wipe it away I did my best

The once beautiful blue eyes now black
I help her hand and it was all slack

I screamed her name to no avail
I could see death was on her trail

I held her and loved her to keep her mine
To release that icy grip to toss her a line

The days have passed but not her you see
I've gotten to keep her now safe with me

Still full of smiles and life so sweet
With lots of hard work can now stand on her own feet

For the most part it's a wheelchair
A big cross for someone so little to bear

But with support and love she'll go far
Keep on going I tell reach for that bright star

But one thing I know when I look in her eyes
The spirit of a child never really dies

The giggles are back with a heavenly note
The laughter of angles now come from her throat

She smiles and with no works says I love you
I hold her so tight and she know I do to

That bright heavenly star now clings to her in every angle
That is why she is and will always be MY ANGEL

With much love to her
Love you Brooke