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Diane "Di" Clinton

For Sunday is "Fun day"
stay at home with mum day!
make a mess & be a pest
Getting headache from noise!
tripping over too many toys!
Don't give mum space
to clean up the place
Oh well who cares
dad will come & she'll hide upstairs
& analyse her fears!
afterall why get work done
when we can have fun
cutting & gluing
no more booing
just yaying & doing!

and another ...

Mother of 4 rush out the door
don't want to stare at this mess no more!
Dad will get home later to settle the score!
We get the house clean chore by chore!

and yet another...

Dull deary day!
Kids are bored & don't want to play!
What will we do?? - temper/tantrum display!
Pressuring me to go out today
the "hot pools" they say!
but who will pay? lets take a raincheck
tomrrow I say
I've got a headache & I need rest
oh mum they detest!
the things are are all messed!
we made our request!
the usual way
home we will stay
till the headache goes away
the behaviour declines
losing my temper & listening to whines
saying bad things
& having mood swings!

Diane Clinton

Sometimes its not much fun being little,
the whole world seems againest you,
and your stuck right in the middle.
They just wouldn't have a clue,
hows things feel for you.
So if your feeling small,
the trees look too tall.
Just look around the bend
there may be a friend.
There will be a hand you can grab,
and a moment you can nab.

Diane Clinton

Day in the life of a head injured person
Starts off ... Making notes ...remembering where I put them by: writing more notes & writing further notes about where I put the notes to "make the notes".
Then the concentration has gone & I forgot a crucial point in the chain of events and rely completely on the notes. Then someone chucks them out (for the sake of of tidiness) or buries them under junk (in the realm of messyness). So I am once more writing another note to look under junk for notes or in draws, cupboards & rubbish bins. Then an alarm goes off & I go to the wrong place & completely forget what the reminder was for.
When I return to look to look at the reminder, I get interupted & forget to look at the reminder & another reminder goes off. By that time anxiety gets a grip & freezes me into nothingness (not staying on task!).
I'm asked if I'm OK (by a friendly person) or told to stop looking loopy & get out of the way by (a family member). To the friendly person I reply "I'm fine" (Finally Insane Neurotic & Emotional)
To the family member I sigh & get told to shut up! mean-while I present a confussed look on my face & return to doing nothing because I've forgotten what the heck I'm doing & that head injured people need rest. So I write a huge note that says:



or you will not function at all! & all the notes or reminders will not make sense at all & you will rip them up & start having moods swings. As for the alarms: they will go off at the exact time that I have no energy to deal with them. So I set another alarm to tell myself: "FEELING ANXIOUS? HAVE REST NOW!" & a family member tells me "SHUT THAT FLIPPING THING UP!" or a friend asks me why my bag is saying strange things.
Why am I feelin soooo tired ! but yet not sleeping ! -Time to blob BIG TIME!! but this jolly alarm keeps saying "Take Medication" oh whoops I deleted it because I couldn't find the note on priorities. he he he! Now did I remember to take that rest?

Diane Clinton