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Debbie "Tabbycat" Henson

A New Beginning For Me

Free at last,a wonderful feeling,to free my spirit,soul, 
                                         mind and body; 
Found some peace,rest,a new start for me which is exciting! 
I left the old behind,including family who didn't under- 
In order to begin again,to find freedom,to find peace,hope 
                                             and love. 
My mind,soul,heart,body are so much happier,livelier -  
I know that I have people who love me for me now and under- 
                                   stand my tbi problems, 
I thank God for that every single day,His kindness,love  
                       constantly sustain me,see me through 
Life is a puzzle,a riddle,a blessing all in one-hard to  
                                                figure out, 
But a gift,nonetheless,to be treasured,lived to its fullest 
And shared with others,thank you,God,for the new person in 
                              my life who loves me for me; 
Not expecting more than what I can give or do,but loves me! 
A new start,new beginning for a life that I control,I have 
                               say over am responsible for; 
A New Beginning for me that I never thought I'd see! 
Amazing how different I see things,I view things,am blessed 
                by even the small things which give me joy! 
Thank you,Lord,for all you've done in my life;use my life  
                   to help others,to give you the praise! 
March 30th,2006/Debra Henson/Tabbycat 

Feeling Lost

Feeling lost,feeling empty,emotions churning turmoil emerging 
Life confusing,thoughts unsettled and depressed; 
Where to turn to,is this all just a test? 
Where did all my friends go,when I needed them most? 
Why would they leave me now,just an injury,not a joke; 
Cruel is life and hard to live;hard to figure out what to do 
Rattled is my brain thought processes,my heart beats within; 
Is this to be the way my life is forever? Friends deserting me 
Leaving me,not caring,making me want to cry,to die for being 
                                               left behind; 
People can be so cruel,mean and nasty,selfish and not                               
Others who don't know you well can take up the places of             
           those who leave with love,acceptance and honesty; 
Being there,helping you,accepting you for who you are,a gift 
                                                from above; 
God brings gifts in different fashions,in people,in nature 
It's awesome to see how He works in our lives,how He works, 
Loves us,helps us,guides us,heals us when we let Him do the 
Work He wants to do within us daily,continaully as He does; 
That is the only way to get past all the bad stuff that hits 
To have faith in Him,to pray,to worship Him with all your soul 
To know a supremem Being is awesome,too wondrous for us to 
I thank you,Lord,for saving me,even though I am having a                            
                                               rough time; 
May my life reflect Your love for others and I be your 
Used by You daily, to help those hurting,in pain,who  
                                   need You in their lives ; 
Thank You Lord,for saving my soul,Thank You,Lord for making 
                                         me whole, 
Thank you,Lord,for giving to me,your great salvation so  
                                        fresh and free!!! 
By Debra Henson/Tabbycat Feb.21,2006 


Wandering,lost my way thru a maze of emotions,conflicting my 
Answers elusive,hard to grasp,where is the meaning,feeling 
                                              help that lasts; 
Life is questionable,hard,terrifying at times to try to live, 
  Yet I know I am to be here,to give to others,to share & give 
God's presence is always with me,even when I don't feel His 
                                 Spirit,I trust He's with me, 
Holding me,guiding me,loving me,within me, part of me so i can 
                                       help others be better, 
Even when I don't feel like it,I obey His Spirit,for all He's  
                                              done in my Life; 
Trusting,knowing,loving and helping me through every single  
                                  day and His blessings abound 
Around me,through me,for me,so I can't deny He's here for me! 
Life isn't trusting emotions,feelings,thoughts or cares; 
Life is about commitment,faith,trust and belief in a God who 
I have learned much already through different experiences in 
                                                  my life 
That God loves His people,wants to use us,to touch others 
                            so I let Him do that with my life! 
Things will get better the more I let go,the more I trust Him 
The less I worry so 
I love Him so much,He always takes care of me 
Provides my needs,gives me friends who listen and see 
God bless all my family,friends and people out there 
Cause God does love you,very much,deeply everywhere! 
By:Tabbycat (Debra/Debbie Henson) 2/20/06)

Trying To Find My Way

Trying To Find My Way,Amidst The Lost Maze of Emotions and  
Churning,Burning,Inside of my heart,my head,my soul; 
Feeling lonely,sad,lost,angry,deprived of true understanding; 
Needing human touch,human love,human understanding now during 
                        difficult time of grief and sorrow; 
Knowing others are worse off than me,feeling guilty about that 
                      yet still having my own needs to be met; 
I do not want to come across as being selfish and conceited, 
                   but rather one who cares and loves others, 
Even through this is difficult for me to do during this empty 
              period of time in my life where I feel nothing; 
I desire to serve God with my life,to be His Vessel,show forth 
                                His love,His light His mercy; 
Even thuogh I may not feel these things in my own life now, 
                    I know they exist and are true,are real; 
I pray God reveals Himself to those who ask for His help, 
              and that He will continue to use me in His ways; 
Lord,help me find my way through these maze of emotions, 
they threaten to overtake my life,steal away my joy and peace, 
Help me trust in You,knowing You will guide me through this  
                                        maze of confusion, 
Help me find a good support group and friends who understand 
                                                   and care, 
To help guide me through this process,so I am not alone; 
I know You care about all things big and small, 
So this I lay at Your feet,praying for Your help,keep me                            
Help me not to fall; 
Give me strength day to day,filled with your Presenece, 
                                      loving me all the way. 
I trust in You,My Lord God to heal these emotions and  
I know you care about all inside of me,being one of your  
   children,loving me through this time,all the while, 
                      which gives me comfort and love;  
Grant me Your peace,forgiveness,love and strength to see me 
                                     through this time, 
Let me know Your loving Presence is here beside me daily 
                                      all the time; 
May Your love be reflected through my life each day, 
May it touch many hearts and lives to give glory to You, 
  and save othes from the turmoil I've had to go through.  
I love you,Lord,with all my heart,I praise you,thank You, 
                          daily,for all You do in my life. 
Poem: by Debra (Debbie) Henson Feb. 19,2006             

Feeling Lost

Emotions gushing,rushing,coming so fast, 
Changing,emoting,gripping my heart as a test; 
I can't get a grip on my life or mind,damaged as it may be, 
Help me,Lord,to sort through all this torment,confusion I see; 
Allow me to see a clear path,Lord,the way you would have me go 
Allow me to help others even during suffering to serve You so; 
All I desire my life to shine forth is Your love to be seen, 
Even though I may not be in a place I should be right now, 
Help me sort out all this turmoil somehow; 
I know You,love You, serve You with my life, 
Help me sort through these emotions that are tearing me up  
Teach me the things you would have me to know, 
Teach me the things you would have me to grow; 
Help me trust more in You,help me to give my life over to You; 
Be with me daily in my struggles to find my way, 
May your grace,peace,guidace and love guide me each and                             
                                                  every day; 
Forgive my sins,my regrets,my sorrows,the part of me that is  
                                      lost and gone forever; 
May you be given all the glory in all I do,may my life        
Reflect a love for You!     
BY: Debra Henson,February 18,2006