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Deb Dickenson & Garry "Puffman" Andres

Stop and listen, I'll not lie
you'll see my smile, just look inside
though not appear apon my face
a vacant look steals it's place.

Though my lips remaining still
shun me not, my own strong will.
I sing, I dance, I laugh, I play
and defy what fate took away.

My desire comes out inside
through character and sense of pride,
I can love, and be loved as well
as never to stay in my shell.

And yes, I am a happy soul
despite what fate had thought she stole
I can be fun and even witty too
just like those that smile may do.

Some may taunt and tease and stare
just because they're not aware
don't fear what lacks apon my face
just seek my smile someother place.

Search within my heart or eyes
for my smile of enormous size
so get to know me just awhlie
and look inside and see my smile.

By Deb Dickenson &
Garry "Puffman" Andres