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Dawn "pippi" Cwynar

High Heels
Nobody understands
What a big deal it is
to wear high heels
for the first time in eight years

I felt like a little girl
playing in her mother's shoes
I walked in them, but I felt so insignificant.
Nobody even noticed.

I wanted to feel comfortable,
but it was awkward
and a little unreal

I was taller
I had to hold myself different
But, the important thing is . . .
I did it.

Many mixed feelings
but, mostly
I'm thrilled
I walked in high heels!

By: Dawn (pippi) Cwynar

Growing Up
I awoke an infant,
In an adult body.
I had to be taken care of,
and spoon fed.

Than I grew to be a toddler,
Still in an adult body.
Learning to walk and talk,
and use the "potty".

Then a child,
Playing childish games.
Then a teenager,
wanting no responsibility, just fun

It's so very hard, being forced to grow up
the second time around, in an adult body.
Everybody "expects" you to be adult,
But you aren't ready to be an adult yet......

Dawn Cwynar