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David Wheeler
One child for me
was GOD'S plan
a little girl to hold
my hand.............

taken away by
anger and greed
denied her love
the love I need

time moves on
my hope to see
my little girl
taken from me

as she grows up
and becomes free
I know her heart
will look for me

her crippled daddy
she was denied to see
time is a friend
to her and me

when she grows up
and holds my hand
I know then
she will understand.

MY DAUGHTER......................

poem # 5 July 26, 1999

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I ride a horse
his name is toby
he stands quietly
as if he knows me

his spirit willing
he understands
my legs are crippled
so are my hands

he quietly waits
I struggle to get on
he becomes my legs
as we melt into one

this gentle horse
walks carefully along
and carrys me
like nothing was wrong

I cannot talk or
use my hands
to give commands
he seems to know
and understands

my struggling body
leans to and fro
as he walks along
he seems to know

my muscles work
it makes them strong
he is my legs
my balance an song

he is my hope
that one day
I will walk again
only GOD can say

the horse I ride
his serving spirit
the hope he gives
is why he lives

I offer some apples
in return for his gifts
he eagerly excepts
there are no debts.

(Toby was donated)
to theraputic horsemanship
by the circus........unwanted

the work he does no one
could ever repay !

by DAVID 7/26/99
poem # 4

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Life In Me
I have a rubber tree you see
and through it's life I see me
In the fall the leaves turned brown
and one by one they fell to the ground
three stems stood alone and bare
It looked as if no life was there
I pondered what to do you see
because that tree was just like me
I believed that life was there
IF only someone would try and cared
but one day I looked and it was gone
I saw it outside my window on the lawn
in a bigger pot, someone did care
I watched the rain as it awoke it's roots the sun shone warm
and soon I saw shoots
Life started pushing through each stem
That's when I thought about HIM
and how my life was like that stem
everything gone or so they said
because of the injury to my head
but given care and warmed by HIS love
HE shined through me from above
I too am growing and reaching out
to tell the world what it is all about
HE gave me new life just like that tree
and all HE said, was " FOLLOW ME ! "

POEM # 3 06/10/99


Precious Time
I was living my life thought my way was the best
doing my thing you know the rest
heading no where we never do
when we live our lives without you
youth and the world rushed me away
plenty of time that's what they all say
25 years young a headache, brainstem hemorrhage and stroke,
I knew I needed you when I awoke
why I did not look for you before now I see,
I was to busy looking at me
I could have died without you lost and alone,
expecting you, to take me home
I heard you whisper my name soft and low
you offered me this time to follow you and grow.
Thank you JESUS

( 4/09/99 MY SECOND POEM)


Life Changes
Born healthy and fine into this world
It doesn't matter boy or girl
The hands of time had then been set
Certain trials had to be met
The alarm went off and took me away
I looked in the mirror and who did I see,
It is hard to believe that is really me
The changes are there, I can not deny
as I look at me I wonder why!
Now, I have to adapt to keep on going
trying and struggleing, my progress is showing
My eyes are on Jesus, for He is all knowing
this too will pass, nothing in life ever lasts.


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