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David Slater

Remember - I am Here!
( A word to friends of long ago)

Hellooooo ! I am here.
Don't walk on by
And pretend
I don't exist.
That hurts !
This IS me.
The same Me you
Laughed and chatted happily with before.

Yes, so much has happened
in my life
But this is really the same ME
that you knew before.
The same me - well, inside at least.
A bit battle scarred perhaps
A bit weary of life's trials,
BUT I am still me.
Don't walk on by.

I see you through the same eyes
Hear you through the same ears
Yet I see no smile, other than of embarrassment.
I hear no words.

Why will you not speak ?
Does my experience of pain and discomfort
prevent you ?
Are you fearful or embarrassed?
Are you afraid of saying the wrong thing ?

Don't be.
We were friends before. So why not now ?
It's still me here you know.
I need to hear your words
To see your smile
I need your love
your care
to feel human
to feel part of the world
NOT to be like the invisible man.

Take courage
and speak
And through your speaking
Bring healing.
Perhaps no miracles
No major transformations.
But, speak to me
Let me know you care
Speak to me
Your words can speed repair.

I am me.
Let me be me
To share your joys and smiles and woes.

My friends of long ago,
I ask of you one thing.
Just speak to me.
Acknowledge me.
Let your voices ring !

Helloooooo - I am here
Don't walk on by.

David Slater

A Tear
What is a tear ?
It is a moment of moist emotion
An outpouring of fear or distress.
It is the safety valve of many an emotion
and in its sadness comes release.

What is a tear ?
It is a moment of joy and jubilation
When a goal - however small - has been reached.
It is the liquidity of a long laugh
At the comedy that can be in life.

What is a tear ?
It is the tenderness at witnessing
a new born babe enter the world
It is the pain of loss
as a loved one leaves.

What is a tear ?
It is anger and frustration.
It is inner torment and distress.
It is a wallbanging reaction to what
we see
as the injustices of life.

What is a tear ?
It is a liquid crystal
That reflects the wonder of the golden sun.
It is a shining jewel
that betrays deep humanity and feeling
within a still exterior.
It is the outward sign of
inner emotion
Anger, fear, frustration, laughter, sadness.

It is liquid love.

Tears will yet fall
But for YOU may they increasingly be
tears of contentment
of happiness
of love
of hope

May your flow of tears
turn into a torrent of triumph
And may that reflected sun
Burn bright within you.

David Slater

a tribute to Sylvie and Lee and all others in the same position along the road of life
Life is like a Mountain path

The path is varied
It can be kind
It can be cruel
It can be like a comfortable carpet upon
which to walk
It can be like shards of broken grass
where each step inflicts pain
It can be flat and effortless to travel
Or it can have its ups and down
Its challenges and problems
Its peaks and troughs.

At times the road seems lost
in mist
You feel unsure which way to travel
Afraid of taking a wrong turn
or missing a right one.
You usually like to see where
you are going
But in the mists that float down
from the peaks of life's mountain
It is not always easy
to see
or even guess the way forward
or to glimpse at journey's end.

But every now and then
after pot holes and boulders
after tears and torments
The clouds break
The mist clears
And the sun appears
shining in an azure blue sky.

The path is lit up by the warmth
of God's light
Your heart and spirits
are lifted by the warmth
of God's love
You see the road more clearly
The reason for your journey is clear
The blue sky beckons
and you move forward
Ever onwards, ever upwards

Remember, even the highest mountain
ever climbed
was climbed one step at a time.
It is the same in life
One step at a time to reach our goal
One step at a time to move fully
from the mist and shade
Into the light
To achieve our goal
To walk in the light and leave
cares and fears behind
To enjoy life on the mountain top
and see the glory of
God's kingdom.

So, step forward with courage and commitment
Don't look back
Look forward
The past is the foundation stone of your future
The fears and pains the foundation for your building strength

The mists are clearing.
The peak is in view
And you know the summit is within reach
and you will reach it
Have no doubts
No fears
No concerns about failure
There is no failure
Only levels of success
There is no failure
The winding path is clear ahead
You are equipped to deal with anything
you may discover along the way
Nothing holds you back
Love drives you forward
can stand in front of that
or block its path.

Move on to the peak
Strike your colours at the top of the mountain
Reach your goal
and know
that real celebration lies ahead.
Not perhaps today or tomorrow
But it is there
within reach
and you will achieve your goal.

May the glory of the golden sun
lighten your path
May the glory of God's love
lighten your load
May you soon
your personal mountain
and bask in the wonder and joy
of what true love and light can bring

David Slater