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David "Crazy2h8"

When you find yourself
In a lonely cell
And all humanity seems gone

Quietly acknowledge this
and immediately soldier on

Life's questions beg for answers
By living its your duty to give
A reason for unlocking the mystery
Of the situation you are in

A mind can soar in the stratosphere
While your feet don't leave the ground
Remember while you are "up there"
You don't have to be alone

Much of living is a struggle
No one is untouched by this truth
To each is own, private and sincere
And I am living proof


Middleclass Blues
Find the church
Inside Yourself
And worship everyday

Keep the pure thoughts
Of love and peace
Safely tucked away

What is it in the name
That makes people hate
Buddah, Allah or God
I thought its supposed to be the same

The universal religon is love
It fills the spirit with grace
Don't fall to semantics
Which leave common sense without a trace

If the ideas
I brought up here
Don't see the light of day

I'll just do what my prophet says

Keep holding up this "little wild bouquet"