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Dave Collier

Face the Mirror

Face the Mirror 
Cool, crisp, clear, refreshing 
Water runs down my chin; I look up 
Dense steam, but a face I see 
Piercing eyes, a flat stare 
What is this? I know not that face 
Vaguely familiar, certainly not my own 
Hollow cheeks, saddened lips, dead. 
A splash once more, the face remains 
It looks to me; pleading, gazing 
I can't help you, not knowing what to do 
You're on your own; I'm a busy man 
Turning away, it shakes its head  
Compelled I turn back, to see 
The hollow shell placed before me 
The solemn eyes puncturing my mask 
Stripping, pealing, cutting my essence 
Shuddering, no this can't be! 
I try to plead, this court is closed 
The face changes, one of surprise 
Tis not a clone, but the face my own. 
                                      - D. C.