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Daryl Bradshaw

Brain inury frequently impacts memory.
Some survivors can recall details from years passed
but are unable to remember who came to visit last night or what they are for lunch.
They are often tortured by what was and what could have been.

Some are cut off from huge chunks of memory prior to there injury:
Where did they live ?
What was their profession ?
Whom had they loved ?
This can be one of the most devastating effects on a brian injury.

"... it's hard to imagine. Twenty years - gone , wiped out.
So many things ... every joke , every word , every tear , every hug ,
evaporated , like it never happened at all ..."

This is one of the things that people have when you receive a Brain Injury.
I hope this helps some people out some.

Daryl Bradshaw (Heaper & Rheds)

The Storms
There are many turbulent, contradictory and
overwhelming emotions
that personify grief.

TO help me cope with such extremes,
I simplified all my feelings into two principle groups:

Love and Fear.

All other emotions flow from these.
This is why fear can be so overwhelming.

Is only an absence of love.

I have met the lady in which I would like to spend the rest of my life
with , so I have no longer have the object of Fear.
Rheds (Linda) I love you.

Daryl Bradshaw

The following is a collection of insights,
offered by those who have weathered the storms,
cried the tears
and encountered their own rainbows.

May they help you discover yours....

Daryl Bradshaw

While I would give almost anything to escape the storms that have entered my world since brain injury.
I am learning to create and savor my own rainbows.
I must adjust my prism and look at these circumstances through the eyes of love rather than fear.
This is not easy , but it is worth it.
I have learned much about life and love and truth.
I experience the moment. I am ,more authentic , more insightful, more accepting and forgiving .... more me

I wish there was an easier way to get to this place, but I don't believe there is one.
There would be no rainbows without storms.

This I have done because there is a chance for everyone to find some piece in the injury they have received. And I have found my love here on the tbichat line from a lady by the name of RHEDS. She has given me the reason to continue to fight the odds that have been placed in my path ,and in the path of my recovery over time. Without her I think personally I would not be as far ahead as I have came so far. Rheds I love you and am willing to give my eternal love to you if you will accept it from me. Rheds I love you.
Daryl Bradshaw

What is healing?
You replace the familiar feelings of perpetual fear and uneasiness with a sense of inner calm and peace.
You trust , laugh , you feel , you love.
YOU RESPECT your physical , social and emotional boundaries.
You become more spontaneous , less controlling.
You let go of perfectionism . Enjoy the nuances of life.
You live the Serenity PRAYER.
You honor who you were , and who you have become.
Daryl Bradshaw

Words of Wisdom
Do not be afraid to communicate with those you love.
Don't sweat the small stuff.
P.S. It is almost all small stuff.
Seize the moment.
Search out people and situations that make you feel good about yourself.
Choose to actively engage in life
Accept the full range of emotions.
Feelings are not good or bad ; they just are.

Daryl Bradshaw

Uncle Jim
And "I" said unto the ANGEL " Will they remember me?"
Will they cry when they are alone?
And think of the man I tried to be?

Will "I" be the hero my children,
wanted me to be?
Will my name be on their lips forever?

The "Angel" Said,
You will be just out of reach, but at their finger tips

A day , a month , a year will pass,
You'll always be in sight
You shared your love with your beloved
And showed them what was right.

But how can I be sure? I asked.
Was our love that strong?
"It's a fine question to ask, the Angel said and smiled,"
But what you ask is wrong.

Everyday you spend on earth,
Through anger, joy and tears takes the time to show
those people that you hold them all so dear.

So go back to your journey, Escape to the air and soar
They may move on , grow and change
But their love will grow even more.

The " ANGEL'S" Words finished,
And as he turned to go
I said unto him "THANK YOU"
And flew to the clouds above

Felling tired I lay back to sleep
No longer full of doubt, but with the slightest of glee
My friend the ANGEL
Had answered one question for me


Daryl Bradshaw 11/10/96