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Darlene Harwell Poggensee

A Salute To Wayne Poggensee, My Military Man
Wayne is my "military man",
For our country and rights he stands!
Viet Nam twice he did see,
The atrocities he witnessed and experienced, he won't talk about to others....
And, seldom me.
We were both young, innocent, and in love...
We took our vows before he left and trusted God above.
The only baby we were to have at 4 mos. I lost,
While in the hospital, duty called...
I still cry silently about the cost!
He appealed to Uncle Sam to let him stay,
The response he got was, "Sorry son, you're going today!"
The grief that ensued, we both carry today,
Over the details, due to the length I'll skip, but...
the next 30 yrs was a hellacious trip.
On his return, we got a divorce,
I didn't know about PTSD or what he'd been thru,
He bunkered in and followed the course.
Marriages to others producing children we both had,
The outcome for Wayne taught him many lessons that were valuable to our life now, but...oh so sad!
Leaving the Navy with PTSD, he wandered aimlessly til a friend saw the signs, Our gov't makes the rules, the choices, and orders without a thought of what it costs our boys in their minds.
Once again Wayne joined the service, the Army this time...
it was a matter of survival as his life wasn't worth a dime!
Around the world, to Korea even,
Trying to find rhyme, reason and himself he's been driven.
After 30 yrs, we've been blessed and reunited,
So incredible it is that our love has abided!!!
Uncle Sam, you make so many promises and it sounds so illustrious...
You can take our young men, give them education, knowledge, travel, and they'll become so industrious.

But...what about the boys that don't come home?
The parents that are presented a flag and words of condolences?
Wounds you can't see, but the VA says, "Sorry...we can't help you, it's not service related" simply because it's not a visible problem?

What about them?

What about the families that are torn apart and destroyed because they can't stand up to the pressures you've stipulated and demanded?

What about them?

Yet....after all is said and done, thru it all, Wayne remains loyal, faithful, and stands tall!!!

Darlene Harwell

For the life of me, what is life,what's there that I just can't see?
What have I got to look forward to? Does it always have to be negativity?

Fear? I know that well! Financial insecurity? Know it better...
Know there are feelings now cause my cheeks are getting wetter.

For the life of me...I'm tired. Not a physical tired, but a mental and emotional tired.
Don't think I can go any furtherrr, but I HAVE to, I'm too wired!!

What's wiring me? This I've gotta know...
Whatever it is, must be feelings, cause they're starting to show.

For the life of me I want to go home......
Abuse or not, I was taken care of. Mama and daddy were there, the world was on their shoulders. Oh God...make the world go away!!!!!!

My shoulders have carried a lot in their time, but the weight is getting so heavy,
It shouldn't as Wayne always says, "give it to me."

Dare I? For the life of me, I think not! That wouldn't be fair.
He's one man. His advantage? He does CARE!

He's forever telling me, "Baby, we're a team." We do things together.
My fault is that when I trusted and looked around before, the man in my life wasn't there.

For the life of me...I became very adept at surviving, no questions asked.
Many times my shoulders carried the weight of others, wasn't an easy task..

Into my third marriage I am going. Considering he was my first, does thattt make 2 or 3 marriages? Just a bit of humor there....
Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Don't stand with your mouth agap and stare.

My head is hurting terribly. For the life of me, me thinks me needs to lie down.
That said, guess that's what I'll do, forget trying to laugh by being a clown!

Wednesday, Januarry 17, 2001 by Darlene Poggensee Darlene Harwell

It's a cry, a moan, a wail, that has it's origins in the recesses of our souls,
Can't you hear it loud and clear? A person abandoned, a silent phone, the quiet home, the weeping heart....they all take their toll!
The most gut-wrenching cry in history came not from a prisoner, a widow, or a patient,
It came from our cherished Saviour when he screamed, "My God, My God, why did you abandon Me?
His lips were parched, His holy heart was broken. He was hanging there for all to see...
It is a feeling to which I can well relate,
With other, there's just no debate.
Loneliness takes understanding that comes from deep within,
A place inside where very few have actually been.
Understanding loneliness wears many facades...
Yet, our Lord, without doubt or question said, "My sheep Will know my voice."
I trust what my Master says, and know a friend is there in whom I can rejoice!
Despite the common "Christian facade" many wear,
I look at it as just another cross to bear!

Darlene Harwell

Creative Compassion
Many people comment on the poetry I write,
It all has unique meanint to me and, in other, I hope it will spark a light.

Poetry is a form of creation which originates in the heart and soul,
It is an expression of ME in each work I use to extol.

To me, God imparted the gift of creativity with His typical creative flair...
As the story unfolds, God used a tragic accident to create what others wouldn't dare.

God has a way of creating special effects, is always motivated by love and directed by divinity,
The angels remain hushed as God creates using His ingenuity.

It's up to us to remember forgiveness always follows failure, all that God needed to do was done,
In the end, the battle was won!!!!

My "creative compassion" was complete,
When The Lord cried, "It Is Finished", and took His seat.

Darlene Harwell

One Fateful Day
Two cars crashed head on one fateful day,
But for the grace of God, here and alive I could not stay.

"What", I ask, "will tomorrow hold?"
"I don't know" is what I'm usually told...

But, God so loved the world that he gave...and He gave...and He gave, this
is the message the Bible brings us from beginning to end.
It sounds simple enough, yet few of us really comprehend.

I'm comfortable with the idea that God id a God of power,
Even so, I wonder...how my life could go so sour!

Darlene Harwell

What Is A Normal Snowflake?
What is a normal snowflake? This I must know....
None are alike, so my confusion continues to grow.
Injuries are like snowflakes, each one is different,
Anyway you look at it, none can be called heaven sent!
Negative comments we so often hear,
Anger ruses quickly as they reach my ear....
To the system, money has become an issue,
healing takes too long, costs too much...the reasons accrue.
Frustration on hearing the comments rises,
Maybe our "normal" cohorts ought to try our problems on for size.
Our mountains are high, our valleys so deep,
Ever so softly down each one the snowflakes creep.
Each one is different in size,
And, so are our lives.
Some mountains have streams and lakes,
Some have waterfalls....
The snowflakes fall into each til there is none left at all.
We, the injured, like the mountain,
Display no tears, but have hidden problems inside.
But, like the snowflakes, after enough accumulation, the tears are cried.
Listen one and all and listen well!
With enough education perhaps our story you can tell!

Darlene Harwell

Who Is Going To Love Me?
I feel so abandoned, who is going to love me? So many people despairingly cry "why?"
I even think at times ....why didn't I die?

I imagine Jesus listening, picture His eyes misting and a pierced hand brushing away a tear,
There are no answers, no dilemmas solved, my questions freeze painfully in mid-air...

Jesus I know, was once alone and understands,
So, knowing this, I try to keep at a low key my demands!

Darlene Harwell

We have a job to do of restructuring our expectations,
due to the fact...we're new creations.
To us disappointment is caused by unmet expectations,
what we need are new revelations.
We feel oh so cheated,
at other times just plain defeated!
Fact is, our heart has been broken,
we need to hear God is in control, just a small token.
Lifes mishaps and tragedies are not a reason to bail out,
simply sit tight, trust God and shout.
We have a cause to fight for,
and someone has to open the door!