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Written for Daniel - my foster son

A victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome
My son lost all his words today.
I don't know where they've gone.
They've stolen all his smiles,
and snatched away his songs.

He looks at me for answers
to questions he can't ask.
I tell him how I love him,
and that this too shall pass.

How hard to be in pieces
that fall apart this way.
His drunken walk, his drooling,
gross motor skills they say.

He screams and he gets angry,
his eyeballs roll around, he jerks,
his eyelids flutter,
seconds pass in real time.

To me it seems forever
that my son has gone away.
Who will he be when he returns?
A boy or a baby?

Dear Daniel how I love you,
dear God please show me how,
to pick up all his pieces
and once again make Daniel well.

So many people love him,
so many yet to know...
when he peeks out to show us,
how the real Daniel grows.

His smiles are bright sunshine.
His hugs, though rare, are truth.
God has given Daniel his blessings,
through and through.

Don't judge him by his words today,
They may be far and few.
So all his little pieces...
can reflect themselves to you.