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Dan Carlow

the trailing web of memories
forgotten on a cold morning
collects the dust of moments
as it drags thru today's events...

DE Carlow

Came between
the jailor and his keep
the warden and his keys
the sailor and his seas
the dreamer and his sheep..

the lancer and his shield,
the hunter and his gun.
the soldier and his war..
the dealers deal being done;

the padler and his oar
the knight in armor shining..
the seamstress weaving her remorse
the spinner and his tales..entwined

the archer drawing beads..
around his target or his prey,
the speaker who exceeds himself
in more than words can say

philosophers and words..no less
the poet and his pen
the jingles and the music man
who plays to audiences, and then..

the painter and his brush..aside
the sculptor and his stone
photographers, who focus
on the starlet and her throne

the queen..who sharees her kingdom
with her lover and a crown
the princess and her firm belief..
it shall be hers, and hers alone.

the captain and his team
the athlete and his goal
the builder and his dream
the dancer and her pole

whosoever came amongst
the morning and the dawn
when dreams were just between
the sheets, the sandman and his song;

whoever saw the hermit dwell
on whatsoever comes his way..
celebrating lifes good fortunes
finding food..a -place to stay..

the lover.. her heart protecting
like children and their toys
the master whose domain remains
the tenants he employs..

the hooker and her john, she is
a prisoner in his cell;
the architect whose plans include
more room for show and tell..

whosoever carry torches
while their heroes burn in hell
who holds a candle to their ashes
hold me now, I want to quell..

D.E.Carlow, 1997.