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Dan "strat_thug" DuBois

I found this on a calendar card at my daughter's. It just so happens it was on my birthday. And it was a real boost to my already high spirits. I hope it does yours also.

Doubt sees the obstacles;
Faith sees the way.
Doubt sees the darkest night;
Faith sees the day.
Doubt dreads to take a step;
Faith soars on high.
Doubt questions "Who believes?"
Faith answers "I".


A New Strength
This is a poem I found that really touched my heart about all that I am going through. It actually says my BI is a beginning. I like the hope it conveys. I hope you do too.

There are times in every life
When we feel hurt or alone...
But I believe that those times
When we feel lost
and all around us seems
to be falling apart
are really bridges for growth.
We struggle and try to recapture
the security of what was,
but almost in spite of ourselves
we emerge on the other side
with a new understanding;
a new awareness,
a new strength.
It is almost a though
we must go through the pain
and the struggle
in order to grow
and reach new heights.

-Patricia Kelly

Lost In A Dream
Lost, lost in a dream (It's a dream)
And I think, it's some evil scheme
They say, that I don't feel what I feel
But I know, that this ain't a game

What, am I supposed to lie?
That ain't gonna be what I'm saying
You're telling me that I could be
A little insane
I tell myseld to pull myself
together again
'Cause I
Ain't been the same.

-REO Speedwagon