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Claudia Ramundo

The Head-Injured Child
From the moment of the accident,I knew they had to save her life
For twenty-five days in I.C.U.she put up afight
Then so slowly she move a limb
With God up above,we just had to win
She was in adeep coma for about two months
Oh, if she would open her eyes just once
Around her bed the family stayed
All we could do was continue to pray
A beautiful,bubbly, teenager she use to be
A dancer,she was since the age of three
Now just lies there waiting to be freed
The world around her is still so strange
From the beginning she has to be trained
For her actions,she cant be blamed
Her agitation is the biggest strain
I wish I knew how much would come back
So I could get her on the right track
A normal life she will never see
Oh God,please stay by me
Help me take one day at a time
To help this head-injured child of mine.

         By Claudia