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Cheryl "Matsis" Compton

Your like Jesus
Your head, his head, Bruised bleeding and swollen.
Your hands, his hands, stiff and unmovable.
Your feet, his feet, weary, sore and tight with pain.
Your side, his side, peirced and leaking.
Your suffering and his suffering are combind together.
Matthew Samuel and Jesus Christ working together to save souls.

All who read this be touched by God.
And please pray for a little boy who
loves all people

Cheryl Compton Matsis

My little bro
My little bro,you are so sweet.
I wish that you were on your feet.
I watch you lay there,helpless,confused.
I want to help my heart so bruised.
I wish to see you smile and play.
I wish this injury would go away.
I want to have my brother back.
What can i do to get you on track?
I see others healed,or at least they talk.
I want you to get up eat and walk.
I dont know if i ask to much,
but Jesus please give him your touch!
I see you sleeping and its not fair.
Your the kind who would really care.
Caring for all is what you did.
You are the most meciful kid.
I only love you because your Matt.
The nicest boy we want him back.
All who know him you know what i mean.
The kindest boy you have ever seen.
If we all put on Matthews face,
The world would be a wonderful place!

Cheryl Compton Matsis