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Cheri "herbie" Kennedy

The Road To Our Destiny
The road to our destiny runs long and wide.
tho we may trip and fall along the way.......

We find a friend who senses when to talk and when to listen........

The road to our destiny finds someone we feel connected to always....who
can feel our pain and help to erase the passage of time....

We find that very special someone who loves us for what we are........

Cheri Kennedy (6/15/98)

Flight of A Robin
The flight of a robin resting upon the fern leaves,
waiting to see if it's weight will be held by the
emotions of nature.

He shares his heart with the new found spring which
is engulfed by his love for life in a new beginning of
the musical sounds of the fresh morning dew.

He flies on as if the world will not approach him, but
finds that it will show him how to survive his will to live
in a world of harmony.

Cheri Kennedy

The Life I Have Chosen
my Life has drifted into the hands of strangers......

This place I come to hide,
but found refuge in the hearts of kindness...

I cry silently for fear of someone hearing,
but the goodwill of my friends I have found in this harbor
never let it go un-noticed....

They feel my pain,
although they have afflictions of their own...

They Love me for me and I Love them for them...

this Life I have chosen will be mine forever,
because I have chosen to be one of Their own!

Cheri Kennedy