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Celeste "Angel" Walter

lost without me
Quietly I move through the mists that lay over memories seemingly lost. Seeking the familiar landscape of my life. Stumbling deftly over the many words that lay scattered on the path, hidden by the dense fog to find the right words I need to convey my thoughts.
I reach to pick up what looks to be a familiar word to relay an important thought... but alas, once again the trickster fog rolls heavy over the earth deceiving me once again and the word I have allowed to become spoken is not of my thought. Memories lye still waiting patiently to be retrieved as do the dreams and hopes of a lifetime, burried deep beneath the everflowing fog which allows only glimpses.
The sun always comes, no matter the density of the fog.
All that is needed is the patience and guidance to reach the sunny shoreline of the ocean that is my mind.